Weird Beauty Product Of The Week: PY Neckline Slimmer

I know all of you are mourning the loss of Colour of the Week, but my new column--about strange things invented in the name of beauty--is even better.
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February 7, 2014
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I love browsing through the beauty department of discount stores, like TK Maxx, Marshalls and Winners. Sometimes they have the weirdest stuff, at bargain prices, like this PY Neckline Slimmer: "The world's first progressive resistance toner for the neck, chin and jaw muscles."

Patent pending, y'all.

I'm what you might call a very gullible beauty skeptic. Basically, I don't think anything will work, but I buy it anyway with a small semblance of hope that each product will prove me wrong and make me one step closer to perfect--as long as I can afford it.

This contraption was $5.99 where I found it, and who am I to turn down the opportunity for a tight and toned jaw?

It came with a luxury carrying bag (because duh, I wouldn't be caught dead carrying my neckline trainer in anything else) and three coils, each with different resistance.

I used the baby coil 'cause I'm a beginner, of course. There are two exercises, one for neck toning, which involves tilting the head downwards, and one for the jaw, which involves opening and closing your jaw. Both involve the chin feeling the resistance of the coils. I will show you the jaw exercise in this very appealing and attractive shot I took before bedtime:

Honestly, I haven't been using it enough to see any change. I don't quite understand the theory behind it, but if you are a believer in facial yoga. I feel like this tool is in line with that.

Reviews are a mixed bag; the Amazon ones are surprisingly good, but others are not so kind.

I'm going to keep using it in the meantime and let you know if I develop a supermodel jaw.

I know, I know--I am a fan of before and afters, too, but I'm leaving it as more of an open discussion. I want to know if you've tried it, and if not, would you? Or is this just a big no?