4 Ways To Stop Living That Oily Eyelid Life

Prime, powder, and make a couple tweaks to your skin care.
Publish date:
April 9, 2015
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Oily skin is tough, and it gets even tougher in the summer. One especially annoying oily skin problem area (especially when makeup is involved) is your eyelids. While glossy lids are a thing, oily lids are something quite different. The feeling of your mobile eyelid sticking to your immobile one at two in the afternoon is a truly unique experience. Thankfully, as I've learned, it’s a conquerable issue.

Tone down the eye cream.

I’m all for rich creams, but reserve using one on your eye area for nighttime only. Opt for something oil-free and lightweight, like Clinique All About Eyes, for daytime use. Also, never apply eye cream directly onto your eyelid, but rather around the ocular bone.

Give your lids a good wipe-down.

Make sure your eyelids are oil-free before you start piling on makeup. A gentle, oil-free eye makeup remover, such as Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover, on a cotton pad is a good bet. If you have any excess oil, now is the time to use a blotting paper to banish it.

Never use concealer or foundation on your eyelids.

Putting on eye shadow only to have it move around and evaporate is just dreadful. That’s why primer exists. Before you apply your smoky eye, use a primer such as Claudia Stevens' Lid and Lip Primer Base. Just dot a tiny bit on your eyelid and blend. Never use concealer or foundation as primer for your eyelids, as this only makes the problem worse.

Translucent powder for the win.

This is a no-brainer, but don't forget to apply translucent powder to your eyelid after doing your eyeliner. This eliminates the risk of your eyeliner stamping itself to your upper eyelid during the course of the day. Just use an eye shadow brush and a tiny bit of powder (so you don’t dull your liner) and you’re all set! You can also use a darker shadow to set your eyeliner if the translucent powder takes away from the liner's richness.

  • Do you have oily eyelids?
  • Have you ever felt your eyelids stick together? Isn't it the worst?
  • What are your favorite lightweight eye creams and eye makeup removers?