Why I'm Rubbing Silkworm Cocoons All Over My Face

No silkworms were harmed in the making of this post.
Publish date:
September 2, 2014
exfoliation, dry skin, acne scars, flaky skin, silkworm cocoons

I'm kind of into trying wacky products for the sake of beauty. Activated charcoal to turbo whiten my teeth? It didn't work, but darn if I wasn't hopeful. An elephant-esque contraption for gorgeous hair? Duh, best idea ever. Rice flour smeared all over my face to expedite acne scar fading? You betchya.

Next up on my journey to a gorgeous visage via unconventional methods: exfoliating with silkworm cocoons.

As you can see, it's a hollowed out silkworm cocoon with absolutely zero silkworms in sight. I like to imagine the silkworm once housed in this husk is off making silk for Zac Posen or someone equally fabulous. (FYI, Zac Posen totally talked to me on Instagram one time. I asked him a question and he responded, "Yes.")

Anyway, I purchased these cocoons on Amazon, where there's a decent assortment to choose from. The really cheap ones are likely not the highest quality, but a middle-of-the-pack option fared well for me.

Now, to answer a very important question: What's the point? According to avid users of silk cocoons, there are, in fact, several points.

1. The cocoons gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it soft and clean.

2. Sericin, a protein created by silkworms, is supposedly imparted on your skin when you use them.

3. The silk cocoons are also believed to stimulate your skin to improve collagen production.

Let's test it out.

To begin, place one cocoon in hot water and let it sit for 20 minutes. This softens the cocoon to make its exterior less abrasive and helps release the sericin. The cocoon does hold its shape very well, which surprised me.

Next, put the softened cocoon on the tip of your finger and gently rub it over your skin in a circular motion. The cocoons are popular for use around areas that are prone to fine lines, like the eyes and the mouth.

The cocoons provide precision when exfoliating dry, flaky skin, including old and fading acne scars. You're supposed to use each cocoon only once and repeat the exfoliation process about every other day.

My final verdict: I think the silk cocoons are cool to have around and weird people out with, but in terms of practicality, I think I'll stick with my run-of-the-mill exfoliator. Also, I'm not quite sure how effective they are for anti-aging. I think if I were to repurchase, it would be to buff dry and flaky skin. I noticed my makeup applied smoother after using the cocoons on those areas.

What do you think? Too gross? Too cool? Ever tried it?