Concealer, Teabags And Spoons: My Store-Bought And DIY Under-Eye Regimen

I often invest in bags. Unfortunately, I mean the ones under my eyes.
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March 29, 2013
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I’ve suffered from insomnia for the majority of my life, and I have the face to prove it. These under-eye circles do nothing for me except let the world know that I got no sleep, feel not-so-great, and will probably bite you if you come near me.

According to my friend, avid xoVain reader, and gifted makeup artist Gabi Poupée, under-eye circles are the number-one complaint from her clients. There’s a reason why almost every makeup brand on the market offers products that target under-eye bags and dark circles!

Guys, if we all suffer from this together, let’s all FIGHT IT TOGETHER.

Take my hand. Now let go--I don’t like to be touched. Alright, here we go.


The skin under your eyes is very thin and very sensitive, much like my older sister. So you have to treat it with extra care.

I saw a whole segment on Anderson about how eye creams are bogus and just a marketing ploy to make us spend extra money on virtually the same product you use on the rest of your face. Regardless, I still use under-eye cream because I don’t want to take any chances.

My favorite is Clinique All About Eyes, which promises to diminish the appearance of eye puffiness, darkness, and fine lines. I apply it on a newly-washed face and just hope for the best, which is all I can do, really.

Then, I apply makeup like a tribal warrior preparing for battle. I dot concealer several shades lighter than my skin tone under my eyes (not unlike Allegra’s technique) and across the bridge of my nose. (Sometimes I also draw a very thin, straight line down my nose so as to contour and give my face what I think is an instant nose job when, really, it just looks like I have a beige stripe down the center of my face.)

Using a concealer brush (preferable) or my ring finger (more often the case), I dab the concealer lightly until it’s blended in. The concealer lightens the dark circles (duh) and brightens your eyes.

My faves: Almay Wake Up Undereye Concealer and Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener, which I use for more special occasions that merit a higher price point, like birthdays or Cinco de Mayo (Mexican).*

Finally, I brush my lids and under my eyes with a translucent powder to absorb any oils and prevent the concealer from smudging and forming a crease on my eyelids.


This is the worst for me. If I’ve just cried, woke up, cried, had too much salt, cried, and cried some more, my eyes look like what I imagine Thomas J’s looked like after he was stung by the bees. (Now you’re crying, too, because you’re thinking about the funeral scene in My Girl.)

To take care of this predicament, which is too constant to really qualify as a predicament, I’ve invested in the following products/prepare the following DIYs.

eyeSlices Soothing Cooling Reusable Pads

These jelly-like eye pads are useful, convenient, and--let’s be honest--fun. I keep them in the refrigerator for cool and safe keeping, and stick them onto my eyes in the morning. They provide a refreshing sensation and definitely lower inflammation in the general eye vicinity after just a few minutes.

Tea-soaked cotton pads

Cost-effective DIY, ladies! Watched Terms of Endearment or went to the midnight showing of Amour (Jesus Christ--no, seriously)? Had sushi and didn’t get around to making sure the soy sauce was low-sodium? I soak cotton pads in black or green tea and leave in the refrigerator overnight. Like the eyeslices, I place them over my eyes in the morning, and wait a few minutes for the caffeine and antioxidants to kick in.

Iroha Anti-Fatigue & Lifting Eye Patches

I stick these patches directly under my eyes and notice a fresher look in just ten minutes. Gwyneth Paltrow and James Franco use these, too, so you can be more like them if you use them.

Freezer spoons

I keep a pair of spoons in the freezer at all times. Not even for my eyes--just because.

Have you had any luck with the options above? Or something else? By all means, don’t share it with the puffy masses or anything.

*Joke. Cinco de Mayo isn’t actually Mexican Independence Day. It’s September 16th.