These Gigantic Lip Balms Smell Good Enough to Eat, But Please Don't

If you ate them, you'd miss out on how moisturizing they are.
Publish date:
June 30, 2016
lip balm, Treat Beauty

I'd been using a popular drugstore lip balm religiously, but I never found it to be as moisturizing as I wanted — especially after using liquid lipsticks as often as I do. So, after hearing about Treat Beauty on YouTube, I ordered a Soft Candy Lip Balm, and I was hooked.

It turns out Treat Beauty founder Marnie had a bout with eczema, just like me, so she decided to create her own brand of awesome-smelling products that are safe for sensitive skin. Her products are free of known allergens, phtalates, alcohol, parabens, etc., and are also USDA-certified organic, cruelty-free, and made in the US.

The ingredients are listed on the side of each lip balm, and each one contains just: coconut oil, beeswax, flavor, shea butter, stevia extract and vitamin E. So basically, everything good that's going to moisturize your lips, plus an awesome flavor.

After I was hooked on the Soft Candy, I decided I needed to try more flavors. I mean, I use lip balm every day, so I figured, you can never have too many. And now my collection contains six of the flavors: Bubblegum, Coconut & Cream, Confetti Cake, Marshmallow Cream, Soft Candy, and Sugar Cookie.

My all time favorite is still Soft Candy — it's like a vanilla buttercream scent. I find Sugar Cookie and Confetti Cake to be similar to Soft Candy, varying just slightly. Soft Candy is a richer and stronger vanilla when compared to the two.

Sugar Cookie just seems like a lighter version of Soft Candy, so if you just want something really light but still vanilla-based, I'd go for this one.

Confetti Cake kind of smells like vanilla and sprinkles (if that makes sense). Less vanilla-y compared to Soft Candy and Sugar Cookie, but more sugary.

Marshmallow Cream is almost kind of fruity. It really reminds me of Swirl Lollipops, which isn't exactly what I expected, but I still love it. I mean, I still love swirl lollipops so I'm definitely down for a lip balm that smells like one.

Coconut & Cream reminds me of a pineapple Dole Whip from Disney. It's definitely got a coconut smell to it, but when I apply it it just smells so much like a Dole Whip that I was kind of blown away by it.

Bubble Gum definitely smells like bubblegum, but kind of like a mixture of bubblegum and cherry Chapstick — not entirely like the bubblegum I was expecting, but still good if you prefer something that isn't Vanilla based. I do like this, but out of all of them, it's probably my least favorite. Which surprised me since I love fruity smelling things so much.

Something to take note of is that these definitely smell more when they're on you lips versus in the tube. Some of them I felt like I could barely smell when they were in the tube, but when you put them on your lips, they definitely live up to their names.

Another thing I love about these other than their super-cute packaging: they are freakin' HUGE. Seriously. It's way easier to find this in my bag as opposed to a tiny regular-sized balm. And they seem to last forever because they're so big. And at about $10, you can't go wrong.

  • What's your go-to lip balm brand?
  • Do you have a favorite lip balm flavor?
  • Have you tried anything from Treat Beauty?