Sometimes I Splurge on Sorta Goofy Products, Plus COTW!

I can't resist a cute gimmick.
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April 16, 2016
cotw, tony moly, lip balm

I'm usually pretty good about sticking to a budget and only buying beauty products that I really need (cotton pads, micellar water, and unscented baby wipes are my most frequent purchases) but sometimes I wander into an Ulta or Sephora and lose all self-control. This basically always happens whenever I see TonyMoly products because I'm a sucker for the cute packaging, and also because all of their products really are excellent.

Earlier this week I dropped $10 on this adorable TONYMOLY Cherry Lip Balm, just because. My lips were rather chapped that day, but what really called to me was the packaging. Here's Doug for scale:

Once I bought it, I felt justified because the cherry-scented balm gives just the right amount of sheer color and hydration to your lips.

No, I didn't need it — just like I didn't need this TONYMOLY Peach Hand Cream or this TONYMOLY Banana Sleeping Pack. Now that I've started it, however, I might as well just do my best to complete my collection. Pretty soon all my skincare is going to be in fruit-shaped packaging and I feel OK with that.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. Here's hoping that "mittenkittens" finally gets her boyfriend to join her beauty regimen:

Mine generally shies away from me like a skittish horse when I'm doing my skincare routine because I have been known to attack him with a face mask or two. He has great skin (and long, gorgeous eyelashes to boot), BUT, he woke up a couple days ago with a few pimples and has been sort of eyeballing me as I wash my face. I anticipate his conversion to Team Facewash any day now so I'm basically standing at the ready with a bar of Shea Moisture African Black Soap like yeeessss, weeelcooome.

2. "Martha" shared a good hair-washing idea:

I sometimes do a thing where I smear conditioner along the lengths and ends. I'll let it brew while I shave and wash and whatever, then use a dab of shampoo on my scalp. Rinsing it all out seems to help get the conditioner out.

3. "originalrjc" set everyone straight about 24 hour lipstick:

24 hour lipstick is what women wear in apocalypse movies/tv shows to match their totally naturally hairless legs/armpits and smooth hair

4. "DanaNich" gave everyone a good reason to try braids:

I put my hair up in dutch braids today so I didn't have to wash it and got so many compliments that my ego now enters rooms before I do.

5. "collier" basically summed up my feelings about eyeshadow and eyeliner:

My life would be so much easier if eye makeup had an Undo button. :\

6. "Mere Darling" left this comment about men's beauty products just in time to win COTW:

All men's products have a base scent of mint. Mint convinces men that they are clean regardless of the product's efficiency.

  • What was the last totally unnecessary beauty product that you splurged on?
  • Do you love TONYMOLY products as much as I do?