Everyone Thinks My New Favorite Hand Cream Is A Butt-Shaped Stress Ball

I love my new Tony Moly Peach hand cream. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to think it's a butt or a boob.
Publish date:
January 20, 2014
hand creams, packaging, tony moly

A while back I posted a photo to
Instagram about my Pmall shopping trip and
the splendors I had brought home. I had my new cute little peach hand cream
front and center in the photo, since I thought it was one of the best finds
from the day.

When Danielle posted a comment asking “Is that a boob stress ball LMAO” I was perplexed: It
is so obviously a peach! Seriously, what boob looks like that? It may be a pale
peach, but it’s definitely a peach! So I wrote it off as poor judgement/vision
(sorry, Danielle) and went about my life.

But then I posted about my Pmall shopping excursions on xoVain, and
the comment section was filled with accusations of butt and boob mislabeling.
How did this happen?! Does no one else think this little container is a peach?

Some of my favourites include:

• “So much cute, Alyssa. And that is
not a peach, it's a butt.”

• “It looks like a butt that's
recently been spanked.”

• “And coffee just came out my nose from trying not to
guffaw out loud while reading this and playing Finding Nemo 'It's called a
butt' and 'Nemo touched the butt!' scenes over and over in my
head. Because, clearly, I am 12. It is SO a butt.”

• “I'm disappointed that peach hand
cream is actually peach hand cream because it looks like it should be some
cutesy Japanese butt balm.”

• “BUTT! We should do a poll. Peach, butt, or boob?”

Regardless of the overwhelming public opinion, I am
standing behind my Tony Moly hand cream. It’s a lovely, non-sticky hydrating
hand cream and someone needs to defend it! It smells like peach, it goes on my
hands soft and creamy, it’s a lovely peachy colour, and my god,
the container looks like a peach!

OK, maybe I care a little bit too much
about the peach…