4 New Men's Products I'll Gladly Use If My Boyfriend Doesn't Want Them

There's nothing about these Tom Ford and MAKE products that limit who can use them.
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September 29, 2015
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From natural to lux, everyone is trying to up their sales in the whole "men’s grooming" realm. But frankly, no matter what they do, it’s still general beauty. Things aren’t often branded as women’s because it’s assumed that it’s for women, whereas products are specifically branded for men. It’s a pretty weird and outdated practice.

I looked into four new goodies from Tom Ford and Make that are aimed at encouraging men to take better care of their appearance—but instead of making my boyfriend try them, I tested them on myself.

Tom Ford recently launched a men’s line, which makes sense because if I were a man, I would 100% want to look like Tom Ford. I’m not so sure only men would want to reap the benefits of the products, though.

My beau wears Tobacco Vanille eau de parfum and it goes perfectly with his sweet disposition. He has a beard that, in my opinion, is severely under moisturized, so when I saw that they are making not only beard oil, but beard oil in the very scent that he wears, I knew I had to get some to make him jealous and/or confused.

This oil is pricey at 50 bucks for one ounce, but I discovered a dope side perk to its primary purpose: general good-smellingness. How lovely that if you want to moisturize and scent nearly any part of your body, a tiny drop of this oil will do the job? It’s really potently scented, but dries down to a warmer incarnation of the eau for fifth of the price.

Bronzing gel is not something that enough men are using, IMHO. There’s no reason why you can’t add a bit of cheek definition to your face just because you consider yourself a man.

This bronzing gel works better than most of the non-gendered ones I've used! You can get a bit of natural contour and some glow with a teeny drop of this stuff.

One thing I hold as dear as my highlighter pens is social consciousness. MAKE already donates over 30% of their online profits to collectives for the betterment of women, and now toss in this gem: their first skincare line, Naxos, is intended to be fully unisex! That is a mic drop right there.

Everyone spends a huge amount of time in front of glowing screens these days. MAKE’s Moonlight Primer is the first primer to combat the effects of this kind of light, called HEV light. Moonlight Primer claims to protect skin from its damage while allowing skin to still produce vitamin D; plus, it feels nice and makes a great base for makeup.

MAKE’s Sea Salt Exfoliator & Marine Lip Repair is a two-pot oceanic cure for cruddy lips. The salt scrub is effective and needs only seconds to do its job, but the lip repair is like no other lip balm I have ever used. It’s the thickest, and that means it stays on overnight, leaving lips soft as all hell. (Watch out for it coming later this fall!)

  • Do you swipe any men's products from your brother/dad/roommate/boyfriend/friend?
  • Any duderonis out there who use cosmetics unashamed?

Photos: Maria Penaloza