Turn Your Tub Into A Big Cup Of Matcha

I've taken my obsession with matcha to the obvious next step--bath time.

Ever loved a drink so much that you wanted to take a bath in it? That’s how I feel about matcha. Last spring, after tasting a matcha-flavored KitKat, I became completely obsessed with the powdered green tea that now has everyone buzzing.

Why the "obsession"? Matcha is incredibly healthy, and it's loaded with your skin’s favorite antioxidants--importantly, EGCG, which is thought to be a cancer preventive--to help with things like inflammation and sun damage. Now do you see why I want to submerge myself in it?

Enter my three favorite matcha-inspired bath soaks:

Infusion Skin Therapy Matcha Green Tea & Spearmint Honey Milk Bath

The spearmint makes this a great soak for those days when you've had a tough workout or an allergy flare-up. Or, if you're like me, those days when your arms are sore from being out of shape and playing three games of pool while also being slightly hungover from the night before.

The matcha smell is more intense in water than it is in the jar. It’s supposed to be “skin softening,” but I didn’t really notice a difference. The list of ingredients--including actual matcha green tea powder--is short and natural. It comes handmade straight from Salt Lake City via Etsy.

Thymes Jade Matcha Bath Oil

I didn’t even know I was looking for the perfect summer bath soak, and lo and behold Thymes created it. The scent smells nothing like matcha, or green tea for that matter, but it does have this sweet but subtle fresh-cut-grass smell that goes along with matcha’s sweet, grassy flavor. While you're soaking, you'll also pick up on notes of bergamot, cardamom, and lemongrass. (Doesn't the decanter look like a larger, rectangular version of the “Drink Me!” bottles from Alice and Wonderland?)

This left my skin so insanely soft that I didn't even need lotion. However, it also clung to my hair, which I had to rinse twice afterward. Wear your hair in a bun or cap and don't get too slouchy while soaking in this oil.

Mox Botanicals Matcha and Clementine Body Soak

I don’t really want to pick favorites, but who am I kidding? This made me feel like I was actually swimming in a matcha latte from my neighborhood coffee place (Great Lakes Coffee, if you're ever in Detroit). It contains real matcha, organic whole dry milk powder, and has a little vanilla extract for that latte effect. A little goes a long way: The directions indicate one to two tablespoons, but one spoonful did the trick for me. Also, for people who fear sweet smells, the clementine cuts the scent to make it fairly balanced.

Have you ever loved a drink so much that you wanted to bathe in it? Do you love matcha as much as I do?