The Mask That Will Give You Your Softest Lips Ever In, Like, 3 Minutes

If you deal with year-round chapped lips, you need this product in your dry, flaky life.
Publish date:
August 30, 2013
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I've never been one of those people who, while navigating icy sidewalks and wincing at freezing winds, wishes it were summer in the middle of winter. I'm not a fan of either season, to be honest.

"But don't your lips get much drier in the winter?" you ask because you read the title of the article and know where I'm going with this. Oh, they're plenty dry in the winter. And plenty dry in the summer. I have year-round flaky, chapped lips that pay no mind to axial tilt.

I've tried so many lip balms, which, as you may know if you deal with flakiness, just aren't enough. You have to exfoliate, too, especially if you want lip color to go on evenly. (And if you don't, well, you do you. Make that trend happen.)

I've found some lip scrubs help, but many leave residue I keep finding throughout the day. Besides, I feel those are best suited for just a little dryness. I'm working with a whole lotta dryness.

The Kaplan MD Lip 20 Mask came to my attention recently, and I realized before I even used it that it was probably going to be my savior. But I've felt that way looking at numerous OkCupid profiles, so I kept a cool head.

Lip 20 Mask's papaya enzymes gently dissolve all that flaky build-up that make lips look and feel so uninviting. In addition to that, a humongous list of effective ingredients moisturize, smooth, and plump lips: hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, shea butter, green and white teas, etc., etc., etc.

And it does it all in three to five minutes. I have time for that!

I bypassed the little spatula that comes with Lip 20 Mask (in a blue gauze pocket thingy--fancy!) and just dug right in with my fingers because, you know, whatever. I applied a thick layer, as instructed, and was pleased to find that it has a very tolerable minty scent. I concentrated a lot of it on that Ridge of Death toward the inside, where all that dead skin builds up and prevents me from werking lip stains.

I sat on my couch for three minutes, trying to think of what I could do to pass three minutes, but before I knew it, three minutes had passed.

I took a wet paper towel and gently wiped away the mask, and it was immediately apparent that my lips were exactly one million times softer and smoother than they had been before I applied it.

Kaplan MD recommends applying their Lip 20 Balm immediately after to help seal in the hydration, but I don't have that, so I grabbed pur~lisse pur~lip comfort daily nourisher and slicked some on.

Y'all, I know Hannah just told you about a game-changer yesterday, but this stuff is a game-changer, too! Games are changin' all over the place!

While it's still warm out, I'll probably use Lip 20 Mask two or three mornings each week, and as it gets colder, daily. You can even put on a thin layer overnight, so I will definitely be doing that at least once a week.

Is it more expensive than 99% of lip balms? Yes. But it's also 99% more effective at actually giving you flake-free, not-chapped lips than any balm. (That's an estimate, by the way. It could be 97% more effective, for all I know. It's just waaaaay more effective.)