The Body Shop's New 'Oils of Life' and 'Spa of the World' Lines are A+

Indulge, baby.

Gather round, children. Today I'm dishing on two new lines that, in my opinion, qualify as luxury, but they come without the soaring, lofty price tags you may expect because they're from The Body Shop.

"Oils of Life" is available for purchase right now, and the "Spa of the World" collection will hit the US in the coming weeks, though you can view the items on the Australian version of the website. I'm showcasing both lines today, including a full preview of the "Spa of the World" series. Spoiler alert: OMG AWESOME.

Oils of Life

I am a huge proponent of slathering oil on your face, so I was pretty excited to try TBS's Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil ($39). It's a slightly thin, very lightweight oil that smells earthy and clean. It absorbs into the skin relatively quickly, leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft, and the tiniest drop goes the longest of ways.

One note: it does contain olive oil as a primary ingredient, which is slightly comedogenic. If you have acne-prone skin, I'd skip this one.

While the aforementioned facial oil is very concentrated and loaded with almost exclusively oil, the Essence Lotion ($22)--yep, a nod to Korean skincare--is a refreshing fusion of oil and water.

As expected, it's much, much thinner than the oil, and should be applied via a cotton pad after cleansing and before moisturizing. Consider it a hydrating toner of sorts. It dries almost instantly and has a slightly less exaggerated earthy scent than the oil.

I love adding step to my skincare regimen, and it's my favorite product in the collection.

Next up are the creams, and you only need one or the other.

So what's the difference? The Revitalizing Cream ($34) has more weight to it, feels much creamier than the gel, helps the skin retain water, and aims to tighten and firm. For that reason, it's more appropriate for dry or maturing skin.

The Gel Cream ($34) is less dense and has a very peculiar, bouncy, jelly-ish texture. It's more ideal for combination or oily skin. Both have dry finishes, so you won't feel like you've been swimming in a pool of grease after application.

Spa of the World

While the above line tends to your face, this next one pampers the rest of your body. On the whole, "Spa of the World" is a little more expensive than the "Oils of Life" collection. However, if you're at all into creating a spa-like experience in your own home, get ready to salivate. And make no mistake--The Body Shop planned this just-before-the-holidays debut very strategically. All of these make perfect gifts.

The name of the collection is such because, as you'll see, each product features ingredients from a different part of the world.

Everyone needs a bottle of massage oil at home, right? These bad boys come in four different scents: French Lavender, Tahitian Orchid, Thai Lemongrass and Polynesian Monoi. They're generously aromatic and very slick, making for ideal massaging conditions. My favorites are the Polynesian Monoi (slightly sweet and floral) and the French Lavender (a true lavender).

These Body Clays are so fabulous. Seriously, indulge yourself. They're both very thick and luxurious, and are meant to be applied liberally to pretty much anywhere except the face. The Moroccan Rhassoul is a firming clay while the Himalayan Charcoal is a detoxifying treatment. I like both equally. My primary concern was moisture depletion after use, a common issue with clay masks, but these leave your skin feeling soft.

Next up in this spa experience: body scrubs.

Both are very creamy scrubs, to the point that they almost look like lotion when you apply. However, within the dense creams are tiny granules that work to exfoliate your skin in an exceptionally gentle fashion.

The African Ximenia Scrub smells very clean and slightly floral and is the gentler exfoliator of the two. The Dead Sea Salt Scrub is both stronger in fragrance and exfoliating capacity.

Finally, we've got some creams--the final step in any spa regimen. The Body Shop always hits their body creams out of the park, and these fall right in line with the rest.

The Hawaiian Kukui Cream feels most like their other body creams: very dense and highly moisturizing. It's also the more fragranced of the two. The Japanese Camellia Cream is lighter in scent and also texture. It has a water-like viscosity, but remains quite hydrating.

  • Are you as completely enamored as I am?
  • Which line appeals to you more?
  • Do you often spa at home?