11 Fragrance-Free Beauty Finds That Are Anything But Boring

You won't miss the scent in these gorgeous products from little-known and natural brands.

I'm a huge fan of scented products. Coconut-y, chocolate-y, fruity, perfume-y, nutty--I love all of the smells. However, I sing professionally, and as anyone in the musical world will tell you, scents are a very big no-no when you're rehearsing or performing.

You see, when you're in close proximity to other musicians on a tiny stage (or in a cramped room) for hours at a time, standing next to someone with lots of perfume or strongly scented shampoo, body wash, or lotion can be distracting--or worse, nauseating.

So, on rehearsal and performance days I skip my favorite perfumes and scented products and reach for my scent-free stash. Whether you're in a similar predicament, have allergies, sensitive skin, or just plain aren't into smelly stuff, here are 11 unscented products I recommend.

Hair Care

It's darn near impossible to find unscented hair products, but I've found two winners. Good for all hair types, John Masters Organics Bare Unscented Shampoo lathers nicely, cleanses well, and doesn't strip hair.

Hairspray is actually a major "smell culprit," and I swear they're all loaded with fragrance. But Pravana Super Shape Hairspray is a high-end, high quality product that dries scent-free AND keeps hair in place, even when I'm sweating like a beast in an all black, nun-ish outfit. Bonus: it's vegan and five percent of proceeds go to the fight against cancer.

Body Wash

There are plenty of unscented soaps, but high quality, liquid-y, lather-y, scent-free shower gel? It's practically mission impossible. Your best bet is to search for natural and organic products, which are often made without dyes and scent.

In the photo above, on the left, is Le Savonnier Marseillais Soap, a thick and sumptuous body soap with 100 percent natural ingredients. On the right is Thesis Moisturizing Shower Gel, an equally thick, sudsy gel filled with organic and natural ingredients. Formerly Antho Organics, Thesis is one of my favorite organic/natural brands, which is why their name will come up two more times below. Their prices are reasonable and their products never disappoint.

Body Cream, Oil & Lotion

Fragrance-free lotions and creams aren't as hard to find, thank goodness. Above, on the left is Thesis Unscented Body Cream, a really thick body butter that's certified organic, and on the left is Indie Lee Unscented Body Lotion, which is a lighter formula that incorporates shea butter, calendula oil, and jojoba oil.

Ten Thousand Villages is one of my all-time favorite organizations. I spent many of my summer days and weekends volunteering at their free-trade, volunteer-operated stores. Ten Thousand Villages was founded in 1946 by Mennonites (I grew up Mennonite, but no longer practice) with the intention of providing artisans around the world fair pay for their work.

Anyway, the product is pure Shea Butter Cream. The nuts are harvested and hand-processed by artisans in Ghana. The ceramic container and recycled glass beads are also hand-crafted. Definitely a feel-good buy.

Maybe body oils are more your thing? I actually prefer to slather oil versus lotion all over my legs post-shave, and Osmia Organics Unscented Body Oil is perfect for that. Osmia is another favorite organic brand that I love to talk up!

Skin Care

Lastly, let's talk facial products. If you have sensitive skin or an aversion to scented products, rubbing a highly fragranced product all over your face--and right next to your nostrils--isn't ideal.

Yes to Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 has a light formula and dries clear instead of with a white cast like some SPF dailies. Thesis Unscented Face Serum contains grape seed, jojoba, and aloe oils in addition to sea buckthorn extract. It leaves my skin super moisturized and never greasy. Altchek MD Night Treatment is an unscented, anti-aging night treatment. It's a clear serum that feels velvety and soothes my skin.

Which side do you lean toward? Scented or unscented? Or do you use both? Share your favorite fragrance-free products in the comments!