Shaving Foam Face-Off: 4 Brands, 1 Winner

The right shaving foam can make a HUGE difference in the fabulousness of your gams.
Publish date:
July 8, 2014
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Not to brag, but I’m a bit of a master shaver. For a long time I even had ambitions at maybe becoming a barber, if all else failed.

Hair removal is just something that comes naturally to me. I use ordinary Venus razors (even after the blade gets ridiculously dull), shave in a matter of minutes on a near daily basis, and never ever use shaving foam.

But my speedy technique and lack of shaving foam results in two things: A weird, high-pitched whistling sound as I'm shaving, and a lot of dryness afterward, especially in the summertime.

Body butter, oils, and serums all keep dryness at bay, but what I really need is a good shaving foam. So I did some research and gathered up a handful of fancy foams/creams to test out.

Beauty Counter Shaving Cream

With orange, lemon, and tangerine oils, this shave cream has a fresh, invigorating citrus scent that really wakes you up. Witch hazel minimizes irritation and coconut oil and shea butter provide moisture. It goes on thick and creamy (almost like a body butter) and holds up against occasional shower spray. My legs felt much softer after shaving with this cream. I didn't even need lotion.

EOS Ultra Moisturizing Lavender Jasmine Shave Cream

Reason number one to love this shaving cream: The cute purple bottle is recyclable. Inside, the formula is enriched with shea butter and vitamin E, and according to EOS, it can be used on dry legs. I tried it and they're not fibbing. It worked wonders! The fact that you can use it without water makes it ideal for travel. The only con is the lid, which is a pain to pull off.

Proraso Sensitive Formula Shaving Foam

This is by far the foamiest shaving cream on this list. Proraso, an Italian brand, makes a pretty classic barbershop product, but they use lovely ingredients like green tea, aloe, and oat extract. While I love the soapy-clean scent, I don't like how rusty the can gets. Plus, the foam vanishes if it comes into contact with water, yet it's so thick that it clogs up my razor and slows me down. Lastly, I found that it causes a bit of burning and irritation if used anywhere near your lady bits.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream (The Winner!)

I love this packaging so much! It's like something Barbie would have in her tiny dollhouse shower. Fruity and sweet, it goes on super thick and is loaded with nourishing oils. There are seven different scents, but I chose pomegranate because PINK. The cream itself is quite shimmery on the skin, and, even with no water and a dull razor, it's super hydrating. Ultimately, I’d have to name this one the winner!

Whish also makes a pre-wax numbing serum, a post-shave/wax anti-ingrown hair serum, and a moisturizer gel that slows hair growth. All three work shockingly well. I am obsessed!

What's your tried and true shaving product of choice?