The Bath Product That Saves Money On Body Wash

This $3 item gets big bubbles out of your standard soap bar.
Publish date:
November 16, 2014
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When it comes to bath products, there’s nothing I obsess over more than bar soap. (I’m firmly on the soap side of the bar soap vs. body wash debate. I look for moisturizing ones, such as those made with shea butter or glycerin, including my favorite, uber-fancy French triple-milled soaps (bonus points if they come in cool wrapping paper).

Combined with amazing fruity or floral scents, my moisturizing bar soaps add sparkle to my shower routine, and they typically give me the most bang for my buck considering how long they last and how much they cost compared to their body wash counterparts. I don’t miss body wash at all, save for one important thing: The bubble factor.

Bar soaps just don’t foam up the way body washes do, with the help of a shower pouf. They create a nice creamy lather (unless you’re working with glycerin soaps, which are lovely but take forever to rub on your skin), but they just can’t create impressive bubbles. Or so I thought until I discovered a genius invention called the beating net at the Asian supermarket.

The beating net is a small, mesh drawstring bag that works with bar soap to create big foam. Best of all, it’s priced at around $3 at most Asian supermarkets. The one I purchased, pictured below, is made of two layers of mesh--one with bigger holes on the inside and one on that looks opaque on the outside.

To use the beating net, simply put your soap inside and secure it using the drawstring. Next, run the beating net under water and then rub both sides of the bag with your hands. Voila! Instant foam!

The suds feel super luxurious in the shower--like an upright bubble bath. But I still have to use a loofah from time to time, since the beating net is not meant to be used in place of a loofah or exfoliant (the mesh may be too rough to rub on the skin).

I also tested this on glycerin soaps, which are notorious for not producing much foam, and it worked like a charm. The same goes for face cleansers; the beating net turned my cream cleansers into big suds instantly.

I’ve been using the beating net with my bar soap for months, and it makes lathering up so much easier and faster. After each use, I rinse the bag clean and let it air dry. I can’t see myself even considering going back to shower gel or body wash ever again.

  • Have any of you ever tried a beating net?
  • What’s your favorite kind of bar soap?