An Anti-Chub Rub Hack Disguised As A $7 Face Product

Chub rub is real, y'all. A girl has to get creative.

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love swimming pools and barbecues, but I hate the heat and humidity. AND I LOATHE CHUB RUB.

When the temperature climbs above 75 degrees, there's a 99 percent chance I'll be breaking a sweat... everywhere. For those of you who are blissfully unaware of what chub rub is (maybe you're one of those "thigh gap" folk), it's a situation where your thighs get sweaty and rub together and create a painful heat rash.

Talk about cramping my sundress style. When suffering from a case of chub rub, I can be seen waddling down the street with my legs as far apart as humanly possible. This is the face of chub rub, my friends.

There are a multitude of anti-chub rub (anti-chafing, if you're prissy) products out there, and I’ve tried a few.

But the best prevention I've found is not meant for your thighs. It's meant for your face. I'm talking about Maybelline Baby Instant Pore Eraser.

Hannah wrote about this primer a while back and was very impressed with its pore-blurring properties. It didn't work for my super oily skin so it disappeared into the bottom of my makeup trunk--that is, until I ran out of my Monistat Anti-Chaffing Relief Gel Powder.

I said to myself, Self, do you just wear pants today? Or do you gamble with a dress and roll the chub rub dice? The house always wins when it's 92 degrees outside, so pants were immediately out of the equation.

Ding-ding-ding! Lightbulb moment! I had a sensory flashback and remembered that the Baby Skin pore product was a near exact match for the texture of my Monistat. IT PUTS THE BABY SKIN ON ITS THIGHS. (Sorry for the creepy Silence of the Lambs ref. Couldn't help myself.)

Baby Skin Pore Eraser contains dimethicone, which is a silicone that helps to form a barrier over the top of the skin, locking moisture in. This magical shield works perfectly to quell inner thigh friction. Where it fails to stay put on my oily face, it lasts all day on my inner thighs. The texture feels a bit slippery at first, but it lends itself to a gentle glide when you walk. Best of all, a little goes a long way. A dime-size blob on each thigh is all you need.

Anyone else used this hack? What other non-chub-rub products do you use for chub rub?

Actually, screw the usual kicker questions. Let's all complain and laugh about chub rub in the comments.