The 10 Most Glorious Celebrity Moles

These famous beauty marks make having a random skin growth seem that much sexier.

I've always said that if I ever have to get the mole near my mouth removed for health reasons, I'm going to have a dark brown spot tattooed right back on as soon as it's healed. (In fact, I've already decided I'm going to have my high school BFF Andrea do it. Totally worth the trek to Baltimore if that's where her tattoo parlor still is when this hypothetical surgery happens.)

I don't think I'd like my face as much without it. Imagine shaving off one of your eyebrows and looking in the mirror: would you feel like your face is complete? Of course not. My beauty mark is like an indelible third eyebrow to me, but less hairy. (Worst metaphor ever?)

Some people dislike their moles, especially ones on the face, but I've chosen to see mine as built-in glamour. And that perspective is due, in part, to some of the famous faces that have helped make moles hot.

So here, in no particular order, are my 10 favorite celebrity moles (not to be confused with the all-star season of the reality show, The Mole.)


As I've mentioned in the past, Cindy Crawford hit supermodel status right around the time I entered middle school, and I give her all the credit for the lack of bullying I got over it. Because of our similarly located, similarly sized beauty marks, I had something to feel confident about at a time when boys couldn't decide whether to tease me about my braces or my boobs.


Mariah's been rumored to strongly prefer her right side, but her left side is obviously superior because that's where her mole is.


Another near-the-mouth mole, Goldie's has become more obvious with age. Practically invisible on Laugh-In, it grew and darkened over the years (which does not automatically mean there's something to worry about, by the way; though it's wise to get your moles checked out regularly whether or not--but especially if--they change).


Y'all, this mole has seen Ryan Gosling naked.


OK, I'm starting to think Ryan Gosling has a mole fetish. This, of course, means I have a chance with him.


If there was ever a scenario in which I had to choose a place to magically move my mole, I'd go for the Sherilyn Fenn eyebrow punctuation look. That said, it draws even more attention to her crazy-amazing eyebrows and stunning blue eyes, which I don't have. Luckily, this imaginary scenario is, in fact, imaginary.


Another eyebrow accent, Angelina Jolie's mole isn't the first (lips, duh), second (eyes), or even third (cheekbones) thing people think of when they're picturing her remarkable facial features, but I think it only adds to her holy-crap-is-this-real-life beauty.


I had forgotten about Blake's nose-adjacent mole until Madeline reminded me of it and convinced me it deserved a spot on this list more than Natalie Portman's. I eventually had to admit she was right.

Also, I think we've scientifically determined that hot guys named Ryan like moles.


Has anyone ever done more for the perception of beauty marks? That perfect little cheek dot has been copied over and over and over. In fact, the only person who seems to have ever gotten sick of it, apparently, was Marilyn herself. Ever see Some Like It Hot? Her signature spot has migrated to her chin!

If you look carefully, you can see her original beauty mark is covered with foundation. Why she or the filmmakers felt like switching things up, I do not know, but it still bolsters the pro-mole argument.


Enrique Iglesias didn't have his mole removed. Lemmy's moles beat it up and ate it for breakfast.