Tear-Free Makeup And Skin Care For Sensitive Eyes

I’ve had sensitive eyes ever since I was a little girl. I remember putting eyeliner on for the first time and tearing up. I thought I was allergic. Nope, just sensitive.

My eyes--including the area around them--are sensitive for no discernible reason. And they're so dry that air conditioning, contact lenses, and fatigue makes my vision blurry and gives me headaches.

Through years of trial and error I’ve discovered which products work with my finicky eyes and which ones don’t. The ones that don’t can cause anything from slight irritation to a full-on tear fest.

The ones that do work are few and far between, but they exist!

Eyeliner: MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil

Smudgy eyeliner makes Christina a teary girl. It creeps into my eyeballs and burns/stings until there are tears that, for once, aren't caused by my feelings.

I’ve been using MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil for a long time now and, unlike other similar products, I can even line my waterline without any irritation. The other great thing is that it comes off fairly easily. The liquid eyeliner brand I use is local, but I will say this: opt for a liquid liner that flakes, rather than one that smudges off. Liquid eyeliner on top of your eyeball is no fun at all.

Mascara: Benefit They're Real Mascara

Mascara isn't always an issue for me, but non-waterproof formulas tend to run when something else causes my eyes to water. Waterproof mascara may be the answer here, but we all know how difficult that is to remove, even with so-called waterproof-removing “gentle” eye makeup remover. The solution to this is the best mascara in the known universe (according to me and much of the Internet population), Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. Not only does this waterproof mascara plump my wimpy lashes, it never runs and it's easy to remove. It’s the real deal. Trust.

Eye Makeup Remover: Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

OK, I’m super passionate on this topic. I’ve tried, like, every brand and solution out there and most of them are terrible, even when they claim to be “gentle” and “for sensitive eyes.” There came a point when I didn’t even enjoy wearing makeup anymore because of how awful it felt to remove it. While I like oil-based solutions best for quick removal, they aren’t gentle enough, and they cause my already sketchy eyesight to blur.

I finally tried Simple, the brand that specializes in ACTUAL gentle skin care for sensitive skin, and I’m hooked. (Full disclosure: it will remove your waterproof mascara, but it won’t do it in one swipe.) Their Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are the only wipes I've ever used that don't sting my eyes. I also like their Eye Make-Up Remover. All Simple eye products are free of perfumes, dyes, and chemicals that irritate the eyes.

Eye Cream: Clinique All About Eyes

Eye creams are meant to soothe your eyes and banish puffiness, right? Well, the wrong eye cream does the opposite for me. I’ve used eye creams that burned my delicate eye area and made me look puffier than I did before. For this reason, I’ve taken to always testing the cream before buying, no matter what the Internet or the salesperson says about it. My favorite eye cream at the moment is Clinique All About Eyes. It’s a lightweight formula that doesn't creep on your cornea.

It goes on powder-dry and velvety in a matter of seconds, and it holds my makeup in place, too. It takes a really strong eye cream to do all that plus combat my sinus-related puffy eyes. If I could gift you all a jar of this stuff, I would. It'd be one of my "Christina’s Favorite Things."

You get a jar! You get a jar! Yo get a jar! Everyone gets a jar!

Do you have dry or sensitive eyes? What are your HG products?