The Company That's Making Temporary Tattoos Way Cooler Than Anyone Thought They Could Be

Beautiful designs, affordable sets, and no scary needles or commitment? I'm sold.
Publish date:
January 6, 2014
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My awesome grandmother was visiting today, and over cookies and
tea I decided to give her a minor heart attack just for kicks.

“Hey, Nan,” I said, pushing my sweater off my shoulder, “wanna
see my new tattoo?”

“Oh! OK!” she said, gamely trying to play it cool, her
eyebrows only going up a little bit as she peered at my shoulder. “It’s… very pretty.”

She was trying so hard to be calm about it. I immediately had
to laugh and tell her it wasn’t real. She admitted that she was relieved, and
then repeated that it was pretty.

I ordered this temporary tattoo for myself from,
along with several others as stocking stuffers for my friends and relatives.
Tattly makes awesome temporary tattoos for cool people with great taste (pretty
sure that’s their exact motto). You get two waterproof tattoos in a set for $5,
and most of them last for about five days.

Mine is “Floral Flourish” by Stina Persson, whose watercolors
I’ve always loved. I actually combined both tattoos in the set to make one big
tattoo going from my collarbone over my shoulder towards my back.

I got some of the recipients of the other tattoos to model them
for me. One person requested “Arrows” and
cleverly cut them up into individual arrow tattoos to make them last longer.

My younger sister requested “You’re Late,” which is a helpful reminder for me
every time I see it on her.

The “Okay Let’s Do This” is perfect for the procrastinating college student in your life.

Rabbit” is smoking
a pipe; I imagine because he thinks it makes him look more distinguished.

I’m sure many of us could use this reminder on our arms: “Just

They also sent “Cupcake” for free. I didn’t get a picture of that one on me because I misplaced it, but
I’m excited to stick it on my forearm when I find it. I love baking; my
chocolate Guinness cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are pretty legendary, if
I say so myself.

ANYWAY. If you’re into food, typography, butterflies, unicorns,
skulls, cameras, robots, nerdy jokes, or just plain awesome design, then
there’s a Tattly tattoo for you. And if you don’t find the specific thing that
you’re into, they can actually make a custom tattoo for you.

Other reasons why Tattly is awesome:

● Shipping in the US is FREE, and international shipping
is only $2!

● It’s completely safe and non-toxic. Each tattoo is
printed with vegetable-based ink.

● They make a great gift for kids, but grownups love them
too (or at least quasi-grownups like myself do).

● You can get a bunch of tattoos in a set.

● They even have cards that come with a matching tattoo
--how cool is that?

● A cut of each sale goes to the artist who designed the
tattoo. Some of my favorite designers are on Tattly, such as Marc Johns, Stina
Persson and Gemma Correll.

My favorite thing about Tattly is that it gives me a fun way to
express myself without having to deal with my two biggest fears: needles and

I like to be able to
switch up my look every month or even every week, and Tattly lets me do that. I
love tattoos, but I could never commit to just one forever. I’ve only ever seen
literally one tattoo that I really
loved and I’m not about to steal it from the person who came up with it (it’s
Kate Miss’s New York fire escapes tattoo).

If you’re the same way, maybe give these a try. They’re affordable, and you can easily remove them (with tape!) so you’ve got
nothing to lose. I’m happily adding $5 to $10 to my monthly beauty budget just
for these.

I think next I’m going to try either this bookworm giraffe or this bike-riding pug because I love anthropormorphic things. I just finished watching Top of the Lake, so if you’ve seen that
you’ll understand why I also want to get this set to go on my palms. I won’t have to talk for a week!

Are you into temporary tattoos? Go check out
their designs and then come back and let me know which is your favorite! (But
be careful--it’s a total time suck.)