Quick Question: How Do You Feel About Tan Lines?

Like them? Try to avoid them? Have a tumblr dedicated to them?
Publish date:
June 13, 2013
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My body has been one uniform pale color for years. The last time I was in a bathing suit outdoors was seven years ago. (Damn, I just realized how crazy that sounds.) Needless to say, not spending a lot of time outside in skimpy clothing has led to a total lack of tan lines.

On the opposite end of the monochromatic spectrum, when Madeline self-tans, she self-tans everything. She recently relayed a story to the XO editors about how her college roommates once saw her butt, and they were all like, "Why is your butt tan?" It's all or nothing when you tan the non-cancerous way!

But there are still those among us who lay out on the beach or by the pool. Maybe even wear a bikini in a tanning bed? Blech (not to wearing the bikini--to the tanning bed). In those cases, tanning lines are inevitable, unless you're wearing one of those tan-through bathing suits. (Do those actually work? I can't imagine nipple melanoma being fun.)

Some say tan lines are hot. And by "some" I mean owners of tumblrs with names like justtanlines, sexylines and tanlinesandbush. None of those are SFW. Google at your own risk.

But what say ye? QQ: How do you feel about tan lines? Sexy? Meh? A visual confession of skin-cancer ignorance and therefore a turn-off?

By the way, Madeline's story has led Emily to want a tan butt. And ONLY a tan butt. Everything else stays pale.