It's About Time I Start Taking Care Of My Hands As Well As I Take Care Of My Face

My daughter may be xoVain's beauty director, but that doesn't mean I've been diligent about the advice she's given me. Here's what I'm doing to change that.

As Mother's Day approaches, a yellow caution light goes off in my brain. My 62nd birthday is coming soon.

My birthday is about two weeks after Mother's Day, much to the dismay of my kids, Marci and Diane (they think they need to come up with two cards and two gifts--NOT), but I tend to use this time of the year to evaluate my aging process.

I look in the mirror and don't see my younger self any longer, and aging is no picnic. We tend to focus on our faces, but let me tell you something: there are so many other signs.

Living in South Florida, I see a great many women who have decided to go the route of plastic surgery. Lots of overdone faces. Don't get me wrong--there are good facelifts and injectable jobs. But the biggest giveaway is how the faces don't seem to go along with the hands attached to the same body.

So this week, my hands are getting the care they deserve, and maybe this will be the start of something good.

In the past, I have not been kind to them. I think of the more than quarter of a million times I've washed them with none of the kindness I've given my face.

So this is what I've decided to do for my long-neglected hands as a Mother's Day and birthday gift to myself.

  • When I wash them the numerous times a day that I do, it will be with tepid water and a gentle hand soap, like Nature's Gate Liquid Soap. No dish washing detergent allowed.
  • Follow up with a quality hand cream. Marci recommended Caswell-Massey Hand Cream to me.
  • Use the wonderful paraffin bath I bought myself a few years ago after I fell into a manhole. (No, seriously, I fell into a manhole. You can ask Marci the story).

  • Use a protein treatment on my nails, like Essie Protein Base Coat.
  • Cream my hands before bed (get your minds out of the gutter--sorry, Marce) and put on a pair of white bamboo gloves.

My first week being diligent about my hands went well. No major changes in their appearance that I can see except for the blue manicure I gave myself, which is not very well done. (Marci gets those "skills" from me.)

I do feel better about paying more attention to them, though, and I'll try to keep it up as time allows.

Do you take care of your hands as diligently as your face? What do you use? (Marci's grossed out by the paraffin treatment.)