The 5 Products Getting Me Through This Deep-South Summer

These have become my saving grace in these stickiest of months.

Here in the South, we're deep into the thick, swampy, dog days of summer, and I'm tired all of the time. Without a car to transport me to and fro, I'm stuck walking or cycling my way through the daily hundred-degree temps.

And have I mentioned the humidity? Down here, the air's so thick I can basically grab it with my hands and wrap it around me like the world's worst and wettest Snuggie.

All that sweating, combined with the harsh reprieves of air conditioning units, can do a real number on a gal's epidermis. Luckily, a few products have become my saving grace in these stickiest of months.

Sandra Downie Citrus Sugar Beauty Mist, $35

First up is Sandra Downie's Citrus Sugar Beauty Mist, which keeps my skin fresh and fine. I keep it in the fridge for a much-needed cool pick-me-up on hot afternoons.

It doesn't just cool, though. I've noticed a difference in my skin since working this mist into my routine.

With alpha-hydroxy and fruit acids, this mist gently exfoliates my face, which can get kinda grody with sweat and buildup from the day. Antioxidant DMAE works to brighten, polish, and firm.

To use it, I simply mist a healthy amount onto my face and let it sit for a moment before using a soft, cotton pad (I like these from Sephora) to gently massage my skin.

Sometimes I even spray my legs and arms with this stuff to leave them looking and feeling sexy before a date. The citrus and sugar leave me smelling like a sexy, summer cocktail.

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask, $34

I've had a hard time in the past few years finding a clay mask I truly love, but I've found The One. My Claymate, if you will. (Don't.) This mask from REN—made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, or even GMOs—will basically turn you into a super-hot, young mom who only eats organic and dresses her children like tiny versions of the cool adult you only wish you were.

With all the sweating and walking around, my skin gets pretty gross. Plus, it's summer, which means I've been spending a lot of time diving into whatever body of water I can find. My skin needs some evacuating from time to time. REN's mask leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean, but never dried out like some clay masks can do. I can feel it yanking the scum out of my pores, and I relish every moment of it.

Plus, is there anything more fun to do than wear a "detox" mask while drinking a glass of wine? I think not! Treat yo self!

REN Flash Rinse 1-Minute Facial, $48

Full disclosure: I've never had a facial. Y'all, I'm on a budget! So I can't really compare this rinse to an actual facial, but I can totally say I've been loving its effect on my skin.

More intense than a cleanser but gentler than a mask, this is an ideal way to see results quickly. This product is very active, formulated with vitamin C that is activated by water—this stuff works right away.

You begin by massaging it gently onto your face and neck like you would a normal cleanser. Then, leave it to rest on your face for one minute before rinsing. My skin always immediately looks brighter and feels smoother after using just once. With all the debris and sweat my skin suffers through in the summer (which isn't ending anytime soon down here) this rinse is a Godsend. (Or a Yeezus-send—whatever you believe in.)

Olay Wet Cleansing Towelettes, $6

Because I'm bike-bound, I'm usually carrying everything I need with me at all times. After carefully packing my computers, chargers, and whatever book I'm reading, I always toss in a pack of these face wipes. On 100-degree days, nothing makes me feel human again quite like a good wipe-down.

These towelettes are moist enough to make my skin feel truly cleansed. I've been using them for years and I never plan to stray. I use them on my face, arms, and legs. Sweat knows no bounds.

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant/Antiperspirant, $25

Our girl Kara turned me onto this stuff a few months ago, and now I can never go back to any other sort of deo for my B.O. It's the freshest, prettiest scent in the whole world, and it truly does keep my sweat levels down. Like Kelly, I sometimes even skip perfume when wearing it because it smells so good on its own.

I roll it onto my pits, the back of my neck, the backs of my knees and elbows, and below my boobs. The day I started wearing it, I started receiving compliments along the lines of "You smell A-MAZ-ING" and now I can never go back. Never. Ever. You're The One, Cashmere Mist.

  • What products do you rely on during these sweatiest of months?
  • Anybody else down here in the South wanna commiserate?