4 Sunscreens I Actually Almost Like

And I HATE sunscreen.
Publish date:
April 12, 2016
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I loathe wearing a daily sunscreen. I do it, because I know I have to, but by no means do I enjoy it.

The list of reasons I don't like it is long. Most of them make me break me out. And we're talking big cystic mamma-jammas that hurt like hell. They tend to irritate my eyes even on days where I thought I completely avoided my eye area. The white cast that they leave is not cute on anybody. I'm just not a fan.

But you know what I'm also not a fan of? Sun damage and skin cancer. So, yeah. I wear a daily sunscreen. And through many painful trials, I've managed to find a few daily sunscreens that I actually almost like!

Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30

This is a brilliant combo of sun protection and a face lotion. On days when I'm feeling greasy, I use this in place of a moisturizer, after I've used a serum. It's a nice moisture boost when I use it after my face cream, because it has marula oil in it (one of my top-five fave face oils).

I also don't think it smells overly sunscreen-esque. Even physical block (mineral/non-chemical) sunscreens tend to smell overpowering at times, but this formula doesn't smell that way to me.

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

This formula is super-sheer and lightweight, so I feel like a little goes a long way. I was surprised to learn that this is a physical block of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, because I figured anything I liked this much HAD to be all artificial and chemical-like.

It has a "universal" tint, so I don't get that white cast that you get from most sun protection formulas. It allegedly adapts to every skin tone, but I couldn't tell you if that were true or not because I've only tried it on my own. But it definitely doesn't make me look deceased, like other sunscreens do, so it's a big win for me.

My favorite part is it's the lightest/sheerest formula of everything on this list, even though it has the highest SPF, so it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything.

Dr Jart+ Every Sun Day UV Illuminating Sunscreen SPF 36

This is the one and only chemical sunscreen I've ever tried that doesn't break me out. I can't tell you how or why. I can tell you that, in my mind, I look like a sparkly Twilight vampire while I'm wearing this. OK, I know in real life it's just a subtle illumination, but that won't stop me from walking around thinking I'm a magical unicorn, so let me have my dream.

I've always been a Dr. Jart fan, so I'm not surprised that this, much like the Drunk Elephant formula, feels like wearing a face lotion rather than wearing a sunscreen.

Sun Bum Baby Bum Premium Natural Stick SPF 30

The items listed above are all amazing, but on some of my hypersensitive days, this is the only one that will do. It's the gentlest sun protection I've found because it's made for babies. It's not the first drugstore baby sunscreen I've tried, but it's the first one I've actually liked.

I also really like the stick because I type in front of a window, and I can apply this strategically wherever the sun is shining on me during the day. My right hand is in direct sunlight most of the day, so I use this stick to make sure I've covered all my phalanges.

It goes on surprisingly smooth (and sheer) for a sunblock stick, but there's also a lotion formula if that's more what you're into.

  • Are you as reluctant as I am to use sunscreen?
  • What are you favorites?
  • Do you have any sensitivities to SPF products?