I Don’t Know Why Sunday Riley’s New Product Is Called Martian, But I Know That I Love It

U.F.O. — Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil — now THAT I get.
Publish date:
August 9, 2016
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Sunday Riley has done it again. Late last month, the increasingly beloved skincare brand released two new otherworldly products, called U.F.O. and Martian.

U.F.O. stands for Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, but other than being green, I'm not sure how the new toner, Martian, got its name. But it doesn't matter. They're both bound to reach Luna Oil level cult-favorite status.

Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner

I absolutely love this product. I'm always amazed when something absorbs so well into my skin without leaving a sticky or tacky feeling.

I apply this immediately after pat-drying my cleansed face, wait a beat for it to really sink in, and apply the U.F.O. oil (more on that in a moment) at night. Perfect combo. I don't know if I can quite nail the scent, but it's incredibly pleasant. Sort of like Froot Loops... like, if Froot Loops were good for you.

In the past few months my nose has fancied itself an oil slick, and applying this mattifying toner has done wonders for my face. The bentonite clay in Martian is perfect for my skin — it doesn't dry out the areas that lean more normal than oily, and it helps create a great base for my foundation (yep, I've been using this morning and night).

Other key players? Manuka oil (along with magnolia bark extract) add an antibacterial factor, which is great for skin that has a habit of breaking out. Marshmallow and green tea help soothe, while cucumber and witch hazel really tone everything out.

I actually ditched my thick moisturizer and have taken to applying Martian to excellent results (I'd still recommend applying SPF afterward, though). One pump of this is more than you'd need to cover any face. I opt for a half pump, which is more than enough product.

U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil

Slightly thicker than Luna Oil — which I'm very into considering how clumsy I am/how much of my Luna Oil I have managed to drop on counters and T-shirts — UFO features an herbal scent thanks to licorice root, tea tree and chamomile oils.

If you already have Luna Oil in your routine (like I do) you can still use both. Apply U.F.O. in the morning and Luna at night. For those interested in more acne fighting power than anti-aging, consider this: There's an interesting ingredient housed in U.F.O. and it goes by the name hexylresorcinol, which is antiseptic and often used on skin infections.

U.F.O features 1.5% salicylic acid, which is a must-have ingredient for anything promising to solve your acne issues. Licorice root is antibacterial and incredibly powerful when it comes to fighting hyperpigmentation and soothing red, stressed-out skin. Milk thistle and cucumber seed oils pitch in to fight any sort of dryness you might encounter from the salicylic acid, so no worries on getting dried out, flaky skin.

As someone with some recently stressed out, combo skin, I've really taken to Sunday Riley's newest offerings. I've found a new favorite product I didn't even know I needed in Martian, and U.F.O has been a total life-saver when my skin likes to throw tantrums.

Have you tried any of Sunday Riley's products? Which is your favorite? Why do you think they call the toner "Martian"?