I'm Seriously Fangirling Over Sunday Riley These Days — Here's Why

Their Flash Facial and new Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream make a noticeable difference in mere minutes.
Publish date:
March 2, 2016
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There are numerous things I find therapeutic in this world. On that list: baking desserts, indulgent spa days, thrifting and antiquing, spooning sessions with my fat cat, and watching and feeling my skin soak up oils, creams, serums and otherwise highly moisturizing products.

My regular routine consists of cleaning my face with a moisturizing cleanser, toning, then moving on to an ampoule, serum or oil (sometimes super-boosting). I'll follow all that up with a face and neck cream, then pat on eye cream. If I decide to wear makeup, I'll throw on a moisturizing primer and then top it off with a BB cream. Sometimes I wonder if I'm hydrating too much, but I don't think that's possible.

So here's the thing. My job requires me to try new products on a regular basis, and so while my routine doesn't really change, the products in my routine often do. I know that I've found something truly special when I press the pause button on product rotation and use a product for weeks or months on end.

Which leads me to Sunday Riley.

For the past month, I've been seriously fangirling over Sunday Riley's products, a lineup of gorgeously designed, highly acclaimed, near-magical concoctions that somehow deliver instant results. I'm clearly not the only one fawning over the collection, either — go check out the hundreds of five-star reviews.

Upon the recent release of Sunday Riley's Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, I realized that this skincare brand is one of a few that elicits true excitement whenever a new product comes out. I've seen it with Urban Decay and their eyeshadow palettes, with MAC and their limited-edition collaborations, and with some other high end, luxury skincare lines.

Well, everyone else's excitement got me excited, so I delayed my trip to NYFW by one day to go to the product launch in Los Angeles (where I briefly met Sunday herself). That night, I washed off my party makeup with Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip and then applied the new cream. It was a "love at first application" moment, kids, and I've been using it, in addition to Ceramic Slip and Good Genes, ever since.

The results? My skin looks and feels amazing.

The cream is truly lightweight and applies like a slightly wet, silky dream. A little goes a long way, and the instant it's applied, you can feel a faint tickle as the enzymes begin to do their magic. At the same time, you can feel a soothing and cooling sensation.

I don't know how on Earth it works so rapidly, but I swear my face looks more vibrant within 15 minutes of applying. It also plumps up the skin effectively to diminish fine lines, which I have on my forehead and around my eyes.

Per the product's claims, the cream does keep my skin hydrated all day long. I've even conducted an experiment where I only wear the product on half my face, and though the results aren't highly visible to the naked eye, I can see a reduction in fine lines when using a magnifying mirror, and I can feel a difference in moisture.

While I'm at it, I want to talk about SR's famous "flash facial," which consists of combining three parts Ceramic Slip, a foaming clay cleanser, with two parts Good Genes, a lactic acid mask/treatment. Post-cleansing, you leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse off. (Fun fact: The flash facial is a go-to treatment backstage during Fashion Week to give models an instantly prettier complexion.)

I personally use the products separately most of the time, but I've done the FF on several occasions when my skin craves a major boost. The clay purifies and tightens skin while the lactic acid brightens and moisturizes.

  • Have you tried Sunday Riley products before?
  • What brands make you excitedly wring your hands in anticipation of new product releases?