My Grocery Store May Be Low on Strawberries, But My Bathroom Is Full of Strawberry Skincare Products

I'm making due by looking to the beauty world to give me my strawberry fix.

There are few fruits I can tolerate putting on my skin, and strawberries happen to be one of them. First off, I think they're delicious, which means I already have a great relatonship with them. Secondly, they boast skincare benefits. They contain the antioxidant ellagic acid, meaning they can help protect against damage caused by free radicals, reduce signs of sun damage, and prevent collagen destruction; and studies have found that ellagic acid, in particular, can interrupt the skin's process of excess melanin production. Other benefits of strawberries include the ability to remove excess oil from the skin (due to strawberries' acidity) and lightening dark spots (due to the alpha hydroxy acids in them). Third, they just smell really good.

Unfortunately for me, I will not be DIYing or apparently even eating any delicious strawberries any time soon. It seems like all my local grocers have barely any strawberries in stock, and the ones that remain are rotting at a fast pace.

This makes me very sad.

So, instead, I'm making due by looking to the beauty world to give me my strawberry fix. Here, I present to you five beauty products that remind me of the beloved fruit and make my skin feel nice. They're definitely lessening the pain of not being able to snack on them or smush them on my face.

Farmhouse Fresh Strawberry Sweet Cream Smash Double Moisturizer

Farmhouse Fresh always succeeds in creating delicious-smelling products I'm tempted to consume. First it was Guac Star, which smells like cake; then it was a Sundae Best, which smells like chocolate; and now this, which smells like strawberry shortcake.

I'm aware there are a ton of strawberry-scented lotions out there, but what sets this apart for me is its unique texture. It's part lightweight, gel-like, glycerin moisturizer (the strawberry side) and part rich, creamy, shea-butter-based moisturizer on the other (the sweet cream side). Together, they blend into a lotion that leaves my skin feeling soft but not sticky. I'm not the most enthusiastic lotion person, but the scent alone makes the ritual worth it.

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack in Strawberry Tea

One of my greatest flaws/talents is my ability to consume half my daily calories in liquids, so the packaging of this product drew me in right away. It looks like a miniature bubble tea drink, down to the tiny bubbly-looking capsules at the bottom.

This Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack contains strawberry extract and claims to provide brightness and vitality to the skin. To use, you simply scoop out some of the mask, plus a couple of bubbles from the bottom, with the accompanying spatula. Then, you gently puncture the bubble to release the moisturizing fluid inside of it and mix it with the rest of the mask. You smooth it over your face and call it a night.

Since it's a gel, it's lightweight, so it's perfect for people with oily or combination skin. After using this, I woke up to soft, glowy skin that didn't feel greasy. Also, I just love the way this looks in my room.

Tony Moly Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub

After months and months of reusing the same konjac sponge, I finally tossed it out, and now I've switched to this sugar scrub.

I gotta hand it to Korean beauty brands for continually making adorably packaged products. This Tony Moly Mushroom Sugar scrub smells like strawberry candy and has the consistency of '90s SqueezePops. It's gooey, and contains actual strawberry seeds inside. I like this scrub because it's gentle, smells amazing, and never feels harsh on my skin.

Urban Dollkiss Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask

Now that summer is fast approaching, my skin is celebrating by producing sebum like crazy. If anyone comments on my skin being extra-shiny these days, I tell them it's my skin's way of signaling that it's happy it's summer. End of conversation.

To keep my oily T-zone under control, I've been using this clay mask, which contains strawberry extract for oil control and and delightfully smells like strawberry yogurt. I apply it using the tiny spoon it comes with, which is so helpful since it helps me apply the mask evenly on my skin without creating a mess. After it dries down in 20 minutes, I rinse it off and my skin immediately feels smoother and softer, but not dry at all.

Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash

I'd never heard of a white strawberry in my life, but this smells amazing. It's fruity, yes, but it's not so fruity that it'll give you a headache.

Of all the products I tested, this one didn't actually contain any strawberries, but the scent alone made me include it in this list. Combined with mint, it's a refreshing, uplifting scent that helps wake me up during shower time.

  • Are there certain fruit ingredients you look for in your beauty products?
  • What's your favorite strawberry-scented product?
  • Have you ever had a white strawberry?