Spring Skincare Switches: How My Face Is Standing Up To All This Weatheriness

I have to adjust my regimen and rebalance my skin to the new, warmer weather. Here are the products that are helping me do it.
Publish date:
April 23, 2014
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Spring is here for real this time, and you know what that
means: bring on the flowers and sunshine onslaught of seasonal skincare

But real talk: spring is truly exciting to me because I can switch
from just-don’t-let-my-face-flake-off survival mode with my skincare routine to
introducing serious actives and addressing
some of my skin’s bigger issues, like acne and hyperpigmentation.

First, though,
I have to adjust my regimen and rebalance my skin to the new, warmer weather.
Here are the products that are helping me do it:


When the temperature climbs, cleansing balms get too heavy for my skin, so I switch to a foaming
cleanser. My favorites are the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, an inoffensive gel that's enough to remove mascara and sunscreen but doesn’t strip the skin, and
Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser, which contains French green clay to sop up
extra grime without the intensely drying effects of a full-on clay mask.

I use the word “foaming” loosely, though, because neither of
these cleansers lather up all that much.

There’s barely any foaming action, so you won't end up with
squeaky-clean (read: totally parched) skin.


Throughout the winter, I’m slathering Nivea Creme all over my face every night on top of oil, on top of
rosewater toner, so my skin is totally drenched. Now, though, all those layers
of occlusives leave me a bit greasy, so I can dial it back to just rosewater and
a few drops of oil.

My favorite is still Tarte Pure Maracuja oil forever and always--though right now I’m test-driving a
DIY sweet almond/sesame oil blend that’s working well so far. Just three drops
of oil seals in moisture and creates the perfect base for my physical


Even with these adjustments, I still have some skincare
glitches that are impossible to predict. For instance, just a few days ago, we got an
inch or two of snow in my town. Today, the thermometer in my apartment read 81
degrees. Weirdness like this is a great time to pull out the mix-a-mask-with-your-cleanser trick,
but a solid 27% of my joy in life comes from baths and masks, so I’m going all

For the first sticky-hot day of the year, I pulled out the
Pratima Sandalwood Rose mask; I got a little sample with my most recent order of
their awesome sunscreen. It’s unlike
other clay masks in that it doesn’t start out all thick and gloopy, or dry to a
tenacious facial crust that you have to vigorously scrub off. Instead, it has a
wonderfully silky texture that glides on, sops up all the sweat, grime, and
other nasties from your skin, and rinses off easily.

But my bigger issue is when I treat my skin as if it were
warm, but I embark on my morning run only to be greeted with cold, sleet, and a
nasty case of windburn. Boo. For those unexpectedly dry and blustery days, a
good sheet mask is in order.

Lately, I’ve been digging the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse
Hydrogel Mask. It’s easily one of the best sheet masks I’ve tried. Rather than
a sheet of cotton soaked in serum, this mask has a sticky gel backing that fits
well on the face and stays put instead of sliding around. The hyaluronic acid
in the gel drawn moisture into the skin and soothes away dryness and irritation.

With all these tricks, my temperamental cloggy flakemonster
skin is playing nice again. Hooray, right?

What products have you been reaching
for to deal with all this weatheriness?