Nair That Doesn't Smell Like Fear And Burn Like Hell

The addition of Argan oil helps?
Publish date:
August 21, 2014
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As a teenager, I shaved my legs and armpits like everyone else, but I never thought twice about my arm hair--until someone pointed out that they were hairy. (YAY HIGH SCHOOL.)

I never really cared too much about the length of my arm hair until it started getting in the way of things. Like getting caught in the clasp of my watch and bracelets, or snagged on the zippers of my shirts and jackets (ouch!). It was then, at 17, that I decided to Nair my arms.

Big mistake.

What I thought would result in the smooth hairless skin promised on the bottle (and typically worked well on my legs), quickly went sideways. About 30 seconds after I slathered the smelly, gooey, substance on my arm, it felt as if someone had lit a match on my arm. I immediately ran to the sink to rinse it all off and discovered first degree burns. Skin was cracked and blood was shed. All for the desire of hairless arms. It was bad.

I was so scarred from my Nair experience that I decided to leave things alone, and vowed to remain the hairy-armed girl I was born to be.

But because I am a beauty editor, and curious as to whether this stuff was as scary as I remembered, I didn’t immediately dismiss the delivery of this new Nair reformulation. It’s made with Argan oil (good for restoring moisture) and orange blossom (to really help with the smell--oh the smell). The Moroccan Argan Oil collection features three formulas: a foamy spray, an in-shower cream, and a roll-on wax. I opted for the Sprays Away No Touch Spray.

I’ve always hated the texture of Nair, so I wanted something that did not involve me having to touch it. It’s not as smelly as the original formula, but naturally there’s still a stench of hair-removal chemicals in there (its job, after all, is dissolving the hair from your body).

I held the bottle a few inches away from my arm and nervously sprayed it on. To my surprise there was no immediate tingly sensation. I was actually able to leave it on for a full four minutes (the recommend time, but you can go up to 10 if your hair’s thickness cause for it) before I felt anything at all. As I wiped my hairs away with a warm washcloth, I noticed no redness; no dried, crackly skin; no bumps; and no blood. (There was a tiny red patch on my wrist, but the hair there wasn’t as thick, so I probably should have wiped it from that area sooner.)

I’m happy with my smooth hairless arms, even though the pores on my hands and fingers are way more visible now that I’m hairless, and I’m pretty sure they would look better with hairs coming out of them. But ultimately, I prefer what my friend once referred to as my “fur.” It just looks more like me, I guess.

Have you ever used Nair? Do you even notice your arm hair? Tell me your hair-removal stories--I want to hear all about it.