Quick Question: Would You Wear Solid Perfume In The Summer?

Summer breeeeeze, makes me feel fiiiiine. Blowin' through the jasmine on my wriiiiiiist.
Publish date:
June 5, 2013
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During the summer, I typically lighten up my product use. Body lotions instead of creams, BB cream instead of foundation, etc. It's easy to feel smothered under all that... stuff. Especially because I'm just going to sweat it off anyway.

But for some reason, I feel like it makes more sense to wear solid perfume over a spray kind in the summer for the very same reason. I worry that my sweat is going to wash away the fragrance, like a tampon to the sea. But a dab of a thicker balm on my palms and behind my ears? That might just stay put.

And just because it's a heavier substance doesn't mean the fragrance has to be heavier.

For example, the Melange Solid Perfume Blending Palette on the right, Green Notes Palette No. 2, features four different note blends--like fig/clementine and camellia/waterlily--that are fresh enough to work in warm weather. I'd probably save the Amber Notes Palette No. 2, on the left--which has lots of vanilla, chocolate and tobacco-type notes--for fall.

ACTUALLY! I'll give it away to one lucky US-based (sorry, world!) follower on Instagram.

Either way, I love these palettes because they're a no-fail way to play perfumer, thanks to the unlimited combinations. OK, not unlimited. There's a finite number of combinations, but let's just say I rode my SAT verbal score all the way to college.

Anyway, am I crazy for thinking solid perfume makes sense in the heat? QQ: Would you wear solid perfume in the summer?