5 Steps To The Smoothest Legs You've Ever Reached Down And Touched

I suspect the gnomes from Enid Blyton’s books would happily slide off mine.
Publish date:
September 26, 2013
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I think have pretty nice legs. They’re not perfect, with eczema at the back of my knees and scars from repeatedly falling over my own feet, amongst other things, but they’re pretty damn hot.

I was in a queue at the taxi stand last week in the rain when this random guy gave me a once over, asked me whether my legs started from my neck, and then gave me his place in line. When you’re wearing heels, stuck in the rain and late for a meeting, you’d welcome generous acts of kindness, even if they did come with ulterior motives.

But back to my legs.

I like them. I try to take care of them. On top of my weighted squats, lunges and burpees my trainers make me do at the gym, I have devised an easy peasy pre- and post-shaving regimen you, too, can follow to get legs so smooth, I suspect the gnomes from Enid Blyton’s books would happily slide off them.

That, or you can also get someone to stroke your legs all day, if you're into that.

You need: a pair of exfoliating gloves, Gilette Venus & Olay razor, Lush’s Fun and a moisturizer, and a vitamin E cream or a moisturizing oil.

It’s simple, really. Start by exfoliating your skin; if you have time, do this even in the areas that you’re not planning to shave, because, you know, hygiene and everything. Pay extra attention to the areas you get ingrowns. I've grown to love exfoliating gloves for my legs more than brushes, because I feel like I have more control, and I never miss any nooks or crannies between my toes.

Next, FUN! Sarah has demonstrated how you can make octopuses with Fun, so I don’t have to elaborate. Just slather it all over your legs. Side note: Fun is also great bathtime entertainment for kids. And adult kids.

Next, arm yourself with the Gilette Venus & Olay razor. I truly, absolutely love it. It’s better than using conditioner on my legs, and even when used by itself, it’s ultra-moisturizing.

Once you're done and you've dried yourself off, you can just spray on the moisturizer, or as I like to do, find the driest spots on your legs and dab vitamin E cream or moisturizing oil on them. For me, it's my knees and my eczema spots. After that, Spray & Go comes on.

Once it dries, trust me, you'd want to touch your legs all the time. Or envelope your legs around someone else and let them enjoy your smooth skin.