Quick Question: Do You Prefer Slanted or Pointed Tweezers?

It says a lot about who you are deep down inside. (Not really.)
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June 3, 2013
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I know, I know--some of you are already shouting "Marci, different tweezers are used for different things!" Well, first of all, I can't hear you, and second, I honestly don't think many of us subscribe to stringent tweezer rules. I know I don't.

I use slanted tweezers for pretty much everything. I feel like the wider gripping area gives me a better shot of grabbing the hair I'm going for. Pointed tweezers, I understand, are used by many for precision, but I feel like I can get that precision with the sharp point of a slant tweezer. Besides, a pointed tweezer, to me, is an invitation to inadvertently stab myself and get an infection and die.

Imagine that tombstone: "Here lies Marci: She died from plucking a hair out of her beauty mark." I would seriously come back and haunt the jerk that paid to put that on my tombstone, especially since I would like to be cremated and turned into a tree.

So yeah, I'll be sticking to my slanties.

But if you're into the whole different-tweezers-for-different-purposes authoritarianism or you just can't make up your mind, has Sephora got the set for you!

This adorable, teensy kit is The Archer, not to be confused with the FX cartoon everyone but me watches. It features both pointy and slanted stainless steel mini tweezers.

And because the case is mirrored, you don't need to carry an additional compact if you decide to travel with it. And why wouldn't you? You never know when a new unwanted hair is gonna pop up? Wait--yes, I do. Tomorrow. I will definitely have a new unwanted hair tomorrow.

Anyway, QQ: Do you prefer slanted or pointy tweezers? Burial or cremation?