Skin Care Secrets With The Power of Two

If your complexion needs extra TLC, these two-step processes are here to save the day!

Everyone knows that the most crucial part of your beauty game is skin care. Nothing makes you look and feel more fabulous than having an amazing complexion.

But even the most reliable skin care routines need a bit of shaking up occasionally, and the best way to do that is by adding two-step processes to your life.

Sound time consuming? Confusing? No way. Here’s how you can use THE POWER OF TWO to make your skin care routine twice as awesome!

Step one: Double cleansing (and exfoliating).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: DON’T. SLEEP. IN. YOUR MAKEUP. If you have time to put it on, you have time to take it off--and take it off completely. And because I aim for effectiveness in all things, I’ve figured out the best (and simplest) way to do this.

First, I use a pump of super-gentle cream cleanser, which I rub all over my face (being especially careful under the eyes where the skin is delicate), then rinse clean.

Now the second step comes in.

I apply another blob of cleanser to a cotton washcloth, then rub the cloth in small circles all over my face and neck. Not only does this help remove any excess traces of makeup (you’ll be ASTONISHED at what else comes away, even when you think your skin is “clean") but it gently exfoliates my skin as well.

Regular exfoliation is SO CRUCIAL for pretty skin, but I find that a lot of scrubs or tools are too hardcore and make my face more peel-y. Exfoliating gently every night, rather than sandblasting my skin once a week, helps maintain my complexion.

Plus, when you’re done, you can throw the washcloth in the laundry. Environmentally friendly!

Step two: Double Serum.

Ever since I turned 30, I’ve been considering adding a serum to my skin care routine. The problem is that all the ones I’ve tried are too oily, aggravate my Keratosis Pilaris or are straight-up nonsense.

And then along came Clarins Double Serum, and my world was changed.

This stuff is MAGICAL: lightweight, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing. The “double” in Double Serum refers to the dual hydric (water) and lipidic (oil) ingredients, each housed in a separate chamber within the bottle. With one pump, you get the perfect amount of each--no more crazily shaking your products, trying mix the ingredients and stop them from settling!

I rub it between my hands, then gently press the serum onto my face and neck.

Since incorporating this into my routine, my skin has been even more magical than before. It’s softer and doesn’t get dry and tight, even on horribly cold days. When I get the odd pimple, it heals up faster with far fewer marks. It doesn’t disrupt my makeup when I wear the serum underneath. And most important, it doesn’t clog up my pores and leave me vulnerable to an outbreak of KP.

Step three: Double moisturizer.

Once the serum has absorbed (takes about two minutes), I mix up my moisturizer. In the palm of my hand, I mix three pumps of really gentle moisturizer (always with at least SPF 30 for daytime use) with a pea-sized blob of lactic acid lotion. For more on lactic acid’s magical--and gentle--skin care properties, this story is a good start.

Lactic acid is a humectant, which means it keeps skin hydrated. It also encourages exfoliation, gently sloughing away dead skin and showing off the gorgeous new skin underneath without scraping it up.

Now my skin is clean and cared for, and I’m ready for anything--whether that’s going to bed, putting on makeup and going out, or saving the world. Whoops, did I say that out loud?

These two-step processes are quick and uncomplicated, yet they’ve totally changed the way my skin looks and feels. The Power of Two saves the day--and keeps my complexion looking awesome.

  • What are some of your best dual-cleansing tips?
  • Any skin care products you always use together?