Skin Inc. Lets You Play Chemist With Your Serums

Blend the tailor-made serum you’ve always wanted, but let Skin Inc. handle the science.
Publish date:
February 27, 2015
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My dreams of being a cosmetic chemist are selfish: All I'd want to do is formulate skin care products for my own skin issues. Sure, I can get with basic DIY recipes for a taste of that, but as soon as precise weights and measurements come in, I’m out.

That’s why I’m so excited about Skin Inc. The Japanese brand (available at Sephora) offers nine serums, each containing a single active ingredient. The fun part? YOU get to mix them up to make your own skin cocktail.

But don't worry, you won't be winging the recipe completely. The process starts with this neat little quiz, which determines the best "skin supplements" (Skin Inc. speak for serums) for your skin type.

The quiz had me right on the nose. After answering questions about lifestyle, habits, and my skin's tone, texture, and issues, it suggested hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and licorice for my dehydrated, dry, and super-sensitive winter skin.

The three serums they sent my way promise to hydrate, help rebuild my damaged moisture barrier, and soothe inflammation. When the package arrived in the mail (cutest packaging EVER by the way) I quickly got to testing. The system came with three serum bottles and one larger mixing bottle.

The serums are all clear gels, with small, colorful beads suspended throughout. When applied to the skin, the beads burst, releasing the active ingredients. The serums are light and watery in texture and sink into the skin almost immediately so you can apply moisturizer on top.

My custom serum was really effective at healing my dry, sensitized skin. After just three days of use morning and night, my skin felt more hydrated and less tight--even in 19-below weather. It felt great to get just what my skin needed without having to be a DIY genius.

  • Will you be mixing up your own personalized serum?
  • What other beauty products do you wish you could have custom made for you?