I Stopped Using All But One Product When My Skin FREAKED OUT This Week

First Aid Beauty was true to its name.
Publish date:
February 4, 2016
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Some weeks I really struggle to come up with something to write about, beauty-wise. I didn't wear any interesting makeup, my skincare routine didn't change, I didn't buy any new products... and writer's block sets in.

Then, once in a while, something will ACTUALLY HAPPEN in my super-boring life and voila — I have some material to work with.

This week's spontaneous material turned out to be my face having a complete and utter meltdown. Lucky me! And lucky you, because now you get to look at horrifying pictures of my messed-up skin!

I mean, it's not anywhere near as bad as something like that poor girl's facial gone wrong (remember that?), but it's also not the prettiest I've ever looked.

I'll explain what happened first, though. A few days ago, I noticed my facial skin acting up: redder than usual, with angry, itchy bumps on my cheeks and T-zone. I do have sensitive skin with rosacea, but it's never acted like this before. I wasn't sure if it was a reaction to a product or something I ate, or maybe even stress-related.

I decided to snap a few pictures of my face really quick late in the day, even though it was getting dark, in case I ended up writing about this. I realize these pictures are moody AF.

On the plus side, I think I really managed to capture the deep emotional turmoil that I was going through. My face was soooo itchy.

I hate to admit that it took me a day or two to catch on to the fact that my skin was trying to tell me something. That's when I stopped stress-eating bags of chocolate-covered almonds, put down the million different moisturizers that I use every day, and took a break from makeup.

It's especially hard to not wear any foundation or BB cream when your skin is at its worst, but I didn't want to make the situation worse for the sake of my vanity. However, there was no way I could just stop moisturizing my face for several days. I knew from making that mistake a few weeks ago that letting my skin dry out would just make it even more irritated and itchy.

So I needed to use a moisturizer that I hadn't already been using when the irritation started (that eliminates half a dozen products right there) and that contains only gentle, soothing ingredients.

Enter First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lotion.

I've had this lotion sitting around for a while now but rarely use it because, if I'm being honest, it's not the flashiest or most exciting product. I know that might sound silly, but when my skin was happy, this lotion was overshadowed by moisturizers that are made of snail mucus or shaped like a banana or that smell like vanilla. I'm only human and am thus a total sucker for gimmicks.

However, when I was surveying my skincare stash and trying to pick something that wouldn't irritate my skin even more, I immediately reached for Ultra Repair Lotion. Lightweight and fragrance-free, it contains glycerin, antioxidants (like white tea and licorice root), and shea butter. Most importantly, it has colloidal oatmeal, which can help with itchiness and skin irritations such as eczema.

I started putting this on in the morning and at night, and right away my skin seemed to calm down. These next photos were taken one day after I took the photos above, the day after I started using the Ultra Repair Lotion.

The better lighting in these photos symbolizes the dawn of a new day and my renewed optimism and zest for life! Also the fact that I realized I'm totally writing an article about this.

My skin is still red but that's mostly just my usual rosacea. The itchy red bumps, however, were considerably calmed.

As I write this now, sadly, my skin is still not back to normal. The Ultra Repair Lotion helps to give some relief, making my face feel less itchy and look less scary, but I don't expect it to entirely solve the issue. I still don't even know what the issue is. If anyone wants to try and diagnose a stranger's skin issues on the internet, have at it. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to drag myself to the derm if this doesn't clear up soon. Ugh.

The only silver lining in this whole debacle is that I discovered an awesome product that I had previously overlooked. If you have sensitive or irritated skin, I highly recommend FAB Ultra Repair Lotion. I have a feeling I'll be reaching for it much more often now.

  • What do you do when your skin suddenly freaks out on you?
  • Did you ever have an annoying skin issue lead you to discovering a great product?