6 Places To Apply Antiperspirant (Besides Your Armpits)

I use antiperspirant from head to toe--literally.
Publish date:
August 13, 2013
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I'm kind of over the profuse sweating I've been tortured with during the past few months. I know that most of the nation experienced their own heatwave of sorts this summer, and I know that I chose to live in the middle of the desert-, but a lady can only produce so much sweat before she's oh. ver. it.

For what it's worth, I'm not necessarily a big sweater. However, since moving to Phoenix, I've managed to sweat in ways that a lady never should. I mean, when I can see actual sweat marks on my clothes, I consider that a serious problem.

On days when I'm particularly intolerant of my body's rampant sweating--and another rinse-off session in the shower is not appealing--I turn to my trusty tube of antiperspirant. I mentioned before that my deodorant of choice is Arrid Extra Extra Dry Unscented, which is made for men, yes, but I like that it's unscented, extra-strength and keeps me dry and odor-free.

My antiperspirant knows no bounds, though, and yours needn't either. In fact, I urge you to introduce your tube to other parts of your body.


True story: I keep my air conditioner set to 85 degrees during the day. It feels cool walking inside when it's 110+ outside, but ~85 isn't exactly comfortable. I'll be damned if I'm paying the electric company any more money, though.

Anyway, while I'm sitting at my computer, writing away, I'll sometimes feel something moving on my leg. This is followed by a mini freak out--because OMG what if it's a spider!?--only to look down and see a trickle of sweat making its way to the ground.

So basically, my legs sweat while I'm sitting still. This usually happens when I have my legs crossed, where skin meets skin. I've found that a few swipes of antiperspirant behind each knee in the morning helps a ton.


I covered this in my recent boob sweat article, but I'll say it again. A little antiperspirant underneath each breast definitely keeps wetness under control. You can also apply a little in between your breasts--both on your boobs and on the breastbone.


Another story! Several years ago, after a nice summer walk around the neighborhood, I came home only to discover my inner thighs were bright red and felt like they were on fire. These mini, welt-like chafing marks also started appearing. True to my hypochondriac nature, I speed-dialed my doctor Grandpa to see if I was dying (or at lease if my diagnosis involved amputation). He retorted with laughter and explained that the heat rash was caused from friction and would go away on its own.

I am delighted to inform you that I'm writing this article with both of my legs intact.

Anyway, a really quick preventative measure you can take for thigh chafing is to apply antiperspirant to your inner thighs (again, wherever skin will rub against skin). If you're planning to walk around a lot, though, the antiperspirant will eventually wear off. In that case, I suggest wearing shapewear or spandex shorts underneath your dresses and skirts.


I only recently started doing this after xoVain commenter Siobhan suggested it. Basically, if you apply a touch of antiperspirant on the bridge of your nose, it'll keep your nose from getting sweaty. Now, why would you care about a sweaty nose? To keep your sunglasses from sliding down, of course!

Since I started doing this, I've noticed that my nose doesn't get burnt anymore, thereby preventing what I've dubbed "the Bozo effect." I assume I was getting burnt before because my SPF got rubbed.


Shoes off, my feet are fine. Shoes on? That's a different story. Especially if I'm going sans socks. I find that those cute little footy socks help with sweat/smell, but sometimes they aren't ideal.

Solution: antiperspirant on the bottom of my feet, as well any area the shoe will cover. This helps immensely when it comes to smelliness.


OK, this one has nothing to do with sweating, but I swear on my adorable grandma slippers pictured above that it absolutely works. After you've shaved your pubic region and have dried off, apply antiperspirant directly to your mons. It effectively prevents ingrown hairs and razor burn. Just try it (and then report back here).

I usually keep a separate antiperspirant for this specific use. Oh, and one thing I should mention is that if you have a big night planned, antiperspirant isn't exactly pleasant to taste. Use wisely, m'dears!

I'll leave you all with one final tip: Always carry a travel-size antiperspirant in your purse. Even if you don't use it as lavishly as I do, you will be so glad you have it when you realize you forgot to put it on that morning.