Single-Serving Face Masks For Commitment-Phobes

When it comes to masks, I’m polyamorous. These four brands are supportive of my lifestyle.
Publish date:
March 15, 2013
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I’m a monogamist through and through. I’ve never cheated on my partner, my hairstylist, or the brand of bread-spread I eat off my finger when I’m moody (Nutella, duh). I’ve even been buying the same brand of tampons every 28 days since I was a teenager.

When it comes to face masks, however, I can’t seem to stick to just one kind. I’ve tried so many, and there are still so many more out there to try! It makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it! But if I have to commit to a bottle that lasts for weeks, has to be applied in an inevitably messy manual way, and I haven’t even had a chance to try it yet, I get cold feet.

That’s why I’m so thankful for skincare brands that are considerate towards both my budget and mask-specific infidelity, making some of the best beauty treatments in convenient single servings.


I was given an entire box of various Apivita masks last Christmas, and I’ve been going through them faster than I go through underwear. (For some reason, my lace thongs always get ripped. I think I have an unusually sharp crotch).

Their Express Gold Moisturizing and Revitalizing Mask with Prickly Pear addresses things like first wrinkles with its cactus extract (speaking of sharp), wheat germ oil, shea butter, lavender essential oils, and green tea instead of water for more antioxidant benefits. It seem to do what it promises, so I don’t even mind that they’re sold in packs of two, because I’m more than happy to use this one more than once.

When your man is 9,000 miles away, people assume you have a lot of time on your hands. People are dumb. I have four different jobs with four different companies in various parts of the world, so I’m working all the freakin' time.

The good thing is I’m working on my IKEA bed, writing about face masks and shoes and other pivotal topics. So when I have a story due to xoVain in an hour but my face looks about two hours overdue to get some sleep, I put on The Face Shop’s Collagen Essential Mask Sheet. It plumps up and rejuvenate my skin, and I barely even notice it while they’re working their Korean skincare magic.

Skin Food Herb Salad Mask Sheet is a great calming treatment that I use to soothe my skin before putting on makeup for a big night out (which happens quite rarely these days, much to my dismay). So many masks that promise to make skin glow use ingredients that are too harsh for sensitive skin, but this it formulated to be extra-gentle. The resulting glow level is somewhere between Disney Princess and Cocoon alien.

Some months, when I’m rolling in dough, I fork some of it for a 10 pack of SK-II Facial Treatment Masks. (Luckily, I’ve found a site that sells individual sachets, because there’s usually not enough dough to roll in.) They claim it’s made with Pitera, some kind of miracle yeast, but I think they’re soaked with virgin blood. It’s the only explanation for why my skin becomes so beautifully plump and hydrated. The directions recommend wearing it for 15 minutes, but sometimes I sleep with it on and wake up with an epically fresh face.

What are you favorite single-serving masks?