3 Ways I'm Helping My Skin Survive The Drought In Singapore

Ice cream doesn't count.
Publish date:
March 6, 2014
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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing every rain dance I could possibly find on the internet. While the rest of the world is suffering in the cold (or if you’re in L.A. like my man--gasp--rain), Singapore is currently experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. It doesn’t help that there are forest fires in Indonesia, and the smog is making its way to Singapore, threatening a repeat of last year’s drama.

The consequence? There are weird little bumps on my skin that look like tiny zits, my eczema has resurfaced after many months of being under control, and I’ve actually had to use my asthma inhaler for the first time since forever because of the smog. I guess no matter where in the world you are, we’re all getting screwed by global warming, huh?

I have pretty good skin, so when tiny bumps started to surface over the course of two weeks or so, I got pretty freaked out. I still am, and I’m monitoring my face closely multiple times a day. It has improved, much to my delight, and no new bumps have appeared (thank the heavens!).

This is what I’ve been doing:

Skipping Makeup

That’s right. Unlike that time I went without makeup as a challenge for a week, I’m actually willingly leaving home without a dab of concealer, or a touch of colour on my lips. It’s moisturiser and sunscreen and I’m out. The environment’s already screwing up my skin and clogging it up, I don’t want to add more damage.

Using Facial Wipes All The Time

My gym kaki (that’s a local slang for "buddy"), Natasha, suggested this to me, and I should’ve thought of it sooner. I wipe my face down with a facial wipe several times a day: once when I get to the office in the morning, once after lunch, and if I’ve gone out of the office again, I wipe my face down. It’s easier than washing my face repeatedly, and the wipes are very handy and easy to keep a stash in your bag.

Avoiding Anything New

Part of my job requires me to try and test new products. I decided to steer far, far away from the realms of anything that’s new--which I usually LOVE--and stick to what’s been tried, tested and loved to death.

Oh, and I'm eating ALL THE ICE CREAM.

How’s your skin doing handling the weather in your part of the world?