The Chicest Perfume Ever Was Inspired By French Silk Scarves, Obviously

It's the perfume I've always dreamed of but never knew existed.
Publish date:
November 15, 2013
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As I've mentioned before, scents mean more than just smelling good to me. They help me capture memory or feelings, transport me to other places when I need a break, or remind me of someone special.

Maybe this deep psychological connection to scent is the reason I feel so completely enamoured by Icelandic artist Andrea Maack.

Maack has a very special line of perfumes. So far I've only been able to find them at one Scandinavian design store in Toronto, and haven't ever seen them for sale anywhere else in person. The bottles are simple and classy, closed with a cream marble stopper, and come packaged in a crisp white box. They also come from Iceland, my favourite place in the world.

But the most unique thing about these fragrances though is how they were created. Maack got together with APF, a French perfumery, and together they created a line of scents made to mirror her visual artwork.

The result is a set of 6 signature scents that have amazing depth, and a multi-sensory story behind them.

Each of Maack's fragrances holds a special place in my perfume-loving heart, but my favourite by far is Silk. I smelled it on my way to the organic grocery store (like, how can I not stop at the Scandinavian Design store on my way?) and walked out with a bottle.

The price is pretty steep--around $120 a bottle--but it was money well spent. This perfume smells like my future, like the woman I hope to grow into and become over the next few defining years of my life. Too vague?

Silk was created as an homage to the tradition of French silk scarves. The scent is warm, sweet, and flowery, with a hint of mystery and magic. The heaviest notes are violet, fresia, and linen, while softer notes of vanilla, papyrus and amber dance beneath the surface.

The effect is a subtle yet lasting perfume that smells a lot like violet infused honey. It quickly beat out all of my old favourites and became my signature scent. It’s the perfume I had always dreamed of!

Have you ever smelled Andrea Maack’s Line? What did you think?