I Can't Believe How Many Tools I Have In My Shower!

From a shower cap to exfoliating gloves, I rely heavily on accessories to get clean.
Publish date:
July 10, 2013
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I am psychic.

With my superpowers, I read Marci's mind. While she was planning to ask the readers of xoVain about shower caps, I thought about writing about the different tools people use in the shower.

Sure, there are those amazing things that we call hands. Coupled with a bar of soap, they can do wonders! But some tools facilitate the time spent in the shower cleaning our dirty bodies.

First, let's talk about that damn shower cap. I must admit: I've been shower-cap shamed! My past roommates, and now my girlfriend (with whom I live), seem to think that it's a really silly thing to use. I don't care, and I won't listen to the shower police: I'm keeping my goofy shower cap!

I think we all know that washing your hair everyday doesn't do any good. Plus, when it gets really hot during summer, I sometimes take more than one shower per day, and I don't have the time to wash and dry my long hair every time I just want to cool off in my shower.

The shower cap is my friend. I even wear it with a hair band in order to keep my bangs out of my face. Super-sexy.

While spying on my girlfriend taking a shower, I noticed that she was using these plastic mesh spongey poofs. She uses one to smear her shower gel all over her body--including her calves, by the way. I mean, who washes their calves with special attention? Am I dirty for not really caring and just letting soap run down my legs? Anyway, the shower poof is a great tool to help shower gel lather, meaning also that it allows you to use a smaller quantity to cover a larger area. Economic!

I may not wash my calves, but I pay special attention to my thighs and bum. I even use a loofah (also spelled luffa, but loofah is obviously more funny). I use it as a scrub, sometimes coupled with an exfoliating product like Lush Buffy.

A note on loofah care: don't forget to rinse it, and also make sure it dries completely between uses, or else it will start to stink and rot and it will DIE. OK, loofahs are not alive. But they come from a plant, and they get gross if they stay humid.

Let's keep playing this little game of “what I can find in my shower"!

Pumice stones! I got one that is half brush and half pumice stone; it's meant to be used on your feet to make them soft soft soft. However, from my personal experience, it doesn't get rid of all the layers of dead skin. My ex-ballerina feet would probably need cheese graters. Yum! (Sorry for the grossness.) Anyway, pumice stones are worth using while you're in the shower, but they dosn't really compare to a full pedicure given by a professional.

The little brush that comes with the pumice stone wasn't really much use. However, the big brush was a pleasure to use on the mosquito bites I have on my back! I guess it's also good if you want to exfoliate your back, but for that purpose I usually use Buffy or another scrub.

Last but not least, the shower glove! As a complement to the loofah, I sometimes use the glove to scrub my knees or elbows. I noticed that the skin of these areas, tougher and thicker, sometimes get itchy in the summer. Scrubbing also helps to get rid of any oily sunscreen residue.

What's helpful to remember when exfoliating with these tools is to massage areas in a circular way, going from top to bottom. It works better than just scrubbing as if you're trying to get rid of a stain on your stove top. Be gentle! And don't forget to moisturize afterwards.

Did I forget anything? What's in your shower?