Yes, I Am Wearing a Sheet Mask Under My Chin... and On My Hands... and My Feet

The genre of moisture-doused paper-thin tissue is expanding!
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November 6, 2015
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I imagine that at this point, ya'll are pretty well acquainted with the ol' sheet mask. For those who need a refresher, I suggest you check out this post (a basic run-down) or this post (the seven-day sheet mask challenge), which will fill you in on all the pertinent details.

As for those of you who are familiar with sheet masks, I'll wager that you're perhaps sick of hearing about them. Fair enough. BUT WAIT. What if I told you there's more to the sheet mask story? That the family of moisture-doused paper-thin tissue was expanding?

Miss Spa Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask, $6

This one is quite thick compared to a lot of sheet masks out there. The exterior side is soft and the interior side, which rests against your chin, is rubbery and wet. It's technically a gel mask and contains vitamin C and plant extracts that help to firm your jaw line.

Personally, I didn't see a major different in my jaw line, but I do appreciate that this mask addresses an otherwise neglected area of the skin.

Leaders Baby Soft Hand and Foot Masks, $4.55

I think sheet masks for your hands and feet are the best idea ever. These are two places on the body that tend to get pampered, but the idea of wearing a concentrated dose of moisture on areas that do require extra TLC appeals greatly to me.

That said, I'll admit that it's easier to wear the feet masks, as you don't really need to use your feet as often as you do your hands and, as such, you sort of forget you're wearing them in the first place.

My feet definitely feel less dry and softer after using these. I also noticed that in the days following usage, it's easier to slough off build up and other grossness. Cool!

Not going to lie: it's kind of a hindrance to wear masks on your hands. However, I'm not going to let that stop me because I relish in the days-long softness that follow after using these.

My solution is to wear them at night before bed. They're not super-wet or gooey, so you can still do common tasks (such as reading or general lounging), but forget using your phone or performing any duty that requires dexterity (NO SURGERY, OK?). Like I said, though, they do deliver.

These are just a few suggestions for non-face sheet masks. I've also recently used "sheet masks" for my lips and for the corners of my mouth, and it's only a matter of time before we have sheet masks for knees, elbows, arms, stomachs, and you name-its.

  • I'm curious to hear if you've tried any, or if the idea appeals to you at all. Let's discuss!