I'm Convinced I'm Getting a Closer Shave with This Innovative Foaming Oil

You get to see my hairy legs up close and personal!
Publish date:
August 2, 2015
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I struggle with this whole body-hair-acceptance thing. I’m not anti-body-hair, but I am another wounded gazelle falling prey to the lion-like women’s grooming industry.

I like the way my soft legs feel, but this is some Sysiphean shit because in 24 hours, I have hairy, spiky, Patti and Selma Bouvier legs again. Apparently, I have a beard to look forward to in the future, a relative has told me.

So eff it—I shave my legs semi-regularly. By this I mean three-ish times a week. So in the interest of saving time and not buying bajillion-dollar razor refills (more on that later, gator), I will try anything to keep that lush prairie grass at bay. But I'm generally over shaving cream. Short of hair-minimizing products, you can only do so much to make each shave really count, such as exfoliating regularly and stropping your razor.

But when I tried a shave oil for the first time, I was surprised that it actually made a difference!

Shaveworks sent me this small looking bottle of Pearl Polish Dual Action Body Oil, and fun quirk numero uno was that a few drops, literally, covered my damp legs with a fine layer of foamy delightfulness. I was also surprised that it foamed at all, because I dug right in without reading the label, as I am wont to do when I get a little too excited to try something new.

The oil has a silky feel that spreads easily whether you are wet or dry and makes a really generous amount of foam. Grapeseed-oil-based, it contains foaming agents but also lovely olive, argan, and jojoba oils. Scented like a light vanilla ginger combo with an undertone of heady lavender, it can even be used as a body wash, which leaves skin really smooth, but not as smooth as this sweet shave!

Here’s my legs without the shave-o. Take a good look, man; that’s only three days of stubz.

I figured the proof would be best determined not only from my personal observations but after another day of regrowth, to decide if there is more on the leg I used Pearl Polish on, or if there’s more on the regular routine leg. So far, I feel like the oil side is far less spiky. I wonder if that is extra softness or if the hair is physically shorter.

Here’s two days after shaving one leg with the oil and the other normally:

The difference is so very slight, but the oil side is a tiiiiiiny bit closer. The softer feeling went away after the first day; not a let down by any means, but now I can also feel a difference in the oil.

I think I'll be giving this oil a long-term shot. Shaving was closer and my skin felt smoother, even if only the first day. My next move is getting razors that don't cost $25 per box, so I will report back when I find out about that whole situation.

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