I'm Doing Some Yogas In Jane's Office Because I'm Still Drunk From Last Night

Plus: win the only hair removal product you'll need for the next few months. (Unless you're into grooming, in which case ONE of the hair removal products you'll need for the next few months.)
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October 9, 2013
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Hi! You know how they say that all it takes to get over an illness is to play a little shuffle board with some hot Brazilian chicks and drown yourself in $14 cocktails? No? I thought I heard that somewhere... and thus was my last night.

Me and Young Braydo went to the bars and met up with my homies that I haven't seen in forever: James, Jen, and Chancey, who has this swank-ass job that flies him to NYC every week from Houston. Texans are in high demand up here.

I like to let my rich friends suggest where we go, because math says there's a good possibility it'll be classy as hell. WE HAD TO BE SEATED BY A HOSTESS JUST TO GET WASTED. And the drinks were artisan or whatever, meaning that you can't get mad ten minutes later when your drink still hasn't found it's way to your table and down your esophagus. Twas a joyous occasion despite, and I think I'm feeling a bit healthier.

All I want to do right now is eat migas, but instead I find myself in Jane's office, which is everybody's favorite office hiding place. I just realized that all of my clothes are really stretchy, so I'm stretching.

Today I'm wearing an Adidas for OC dress which is really cute and made of elastic nylon, and sparkle tights from American Apparel--say what you will about AA but they make the best effing tights and hosiery and thongs, which come in little plastic balls.

Notice how I'm showing zero flesh besides my face? It's that time of year, ladies: NO SHAVING FOR MONTHS! The only "unwanted" hair you really have to worry about is on your face, and for me that's my upper lip. Apparently mine is translucent and indiscernible to the naked eye, but I still like it gone.

So today I'm giving away some Veet High Precision Facial Wax Hair Remover.

It looks like a little tube of clear lipgloss, but it's not... it's wax. You can even use it on your eyebrows but I forbid you. Selfie and you could win! Unless you're not over 18 and in the US.

Congrats Whitney Annabelle! You won the brow growth serum!