Let's All Laugh at My Latest Self-Tanning Mishap, Plus COTW!

I made a rookie mistake.
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May 28, 2016
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Ever since I did my tanning lotion round-up last summer and fell in love with Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse, I've been looking forward to getting my fake bronze on again. Now that the weather is finally warm and sunny, I broke out my trusty bottle of Tanwise and got to work. This stuff is very reliable for getting an even, natural-looking tan (no orange streaks here, thank you very much).

And yet, I always manage to mess things up a little bit every time just by being a scatterbrained dunce.

This time, I can't even believe I made such a rookie mistake: I forgot to wash my hands after applying the lotion. Of course I wore a tanning mitt to apply the tan, but still, it's best to always wash your hands afterwards.

Luckily, my hands don't look too bad overall...

Except for a weird brown splotch on my thumb.

I guess it could be worse. I could have messed up my face instead.

Alright, moving on to the best Comments of the Week!

1. Congrats to "Dot_race" for landing this impeccable pun regarding this eyeshadow palette made up of quads:

So basically what you're saying is this palette is #quadgoals.

2. I live for helpful and funny comments about body hair grooming (no, really!), like this one from "_edg":

This is completely unrelated except that your comment about the pesky chin hairs reminded me... I've been shaving my whole face with an eyebrow razor after reading like, 4 articles about it (and googling for ~ 25 hours to make SURE it wouldn't grow back as a IRL beard) and have gotten more compliments on my skin in the 3 months since I started shaving than probably the rest of my life combined. Bonus: I am even more affirmed in my choice of a husband, because when he walked in on me shaving my face, he just laughed and said "let me guess, another thing the skincare internet says to try?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. "General Burnsthighs" convinced me that I need this Demeter fragrance:

My favorite Demeter fragrance is Beeswax. It smells like fresh honeycomb that's been set out in the summer sun for a few hours. It has an interesting powdery pollen note and smells kind of hot, somehow, but not spicy. It's sweet, but not sugary. The best part is it lasts forever on my skin. Some Demeter colognes fade really quickly, but this one sticks around. My second favorite is their Oud. It's not very complex or deep, but I like to layer other scents over it to give them depth.

4. "cruellaunusual" shared some good advice if you have puffy eyes:

1-2 punch of Flonase and allergy eyedrops before bed. I re-implemented after a little panic attack about wrinkles because my eyes were puffing out and the skin was staying crepey and wrinkled even once the puffs deflated. It's worked like a charm.

  • Who else has an embarrassing tanning mishap to share? It can be a real tan, a spray tan, a bad sunburn, or whatever as long as it's more embarrassing than what I just did.
  • Is anyone else switching to their summer beauty routine just in time for Memorial Day weekend?