I'm Moisturizing My Skin From The Inside, Which Is Not As Gross As It Sounds

I've been adding something to my water that I feel is making a big difference in my skin.
Publish date:
January 17, 2014
dry skin, supplements, sea buckthorn

OK, another article about dry winter skin. You probably want to strangle me right now. And before I even get started, I want to tell you that wow, drinking lots of water helps to keep your skin hydrated. I know, groundbreaking stuff.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I can actually get to the meat of this thing. That is, I've been drinking a lot of water, yeah. I always do. That's not really anything new, and I'm not going to act like it's some big skincare secret.

What is my big secret, however, is that I've been adding something to my water that I feel is making a big difference in my skin.

I always get dry skin in the winter, because I'm a human being. Because I also have already-dry and stupidly sensitive skin, it tends to get flaky and break out in hives. It's gross.

Meanwhile, I've started trying out a lot of new products that exfoliate chemically as opposed to mechanically. That is, retinoids, glycol acids, AHAs, etc. I've found that when I use some of these products, they mention not to apply any lotions or moisturizers afterwards that might interact with the formula so I've just been, well, not moisturizing.

This means my skin has been a little on the dryer side than it should be.

But lo and behold, I was introduced to the wonder that is sea buckthorn berry oil, specifically the one from Seabuck Wonders.

Their Sea Buckthorn Berry Oils boasts a number of benefits, not just those that help nourish skin, but it also has a superior source of omega-7 over fish, along with a ton of vitamins, minerals, over 190 phytonutrients, omega-3s and plenty of antioxidants. That means this slightly sweet , 100% organic and non-GMO certified oil contributes towards gastrointestinal, liver, dental and gum health, plus all the outer, superficial stuff like your pretty face, hair, and nails.

In an attempt to combat my lack of moisturization and the all-around brutality of my environment right now, I've been having two glasses of water every morning, before I even take a sip of coffee or a bite of breakfast. The first glass will contain about a dropper or two of the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, and I'll chug it down, slurping up all its goodness. The taste is kind of wheat-y, kind of berry-ish. It adds a little "something" to basic water, and you could definitely add it to juice instead if you wanted more flavour, but I feel like pure water is giving you the most hydrating benefits.

Then throughout the day I'll continue to drink, drink, drink water, occasionally adding in more drops of the berry oil. Have I noticed results? Definitely. My skin is a lot less crazy-flaky than usual, and it seems to have a fatness to it. You're probably thinking "What, fatness? Is that a good thing?" I'm not saying my FACE is fat, but my SKIN is. Plump, nourished, overflowing with collagen, you know. The way your skin looks all plush-y and baby-like after you get out of a sauna, because it's oozing moisture straight from your guts. That's science, right?

Anyway, while it does say on the label that this stuff can also be used for external use, I wouldn't recommend it. Yes, it's super-moisturizing, but it will turn you orange. Super-intense spray-tan orange. I learned this the hard way, but was grateful to see that it came off with cleanser and a washcloth.

If you are looking to directly apply the goodness of pure sea buckthorn to your skin, try the Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, which can also be ingested but has a much less sweet taste. That's why I prefer to use it directly on my skin instead, because it doesn't really have any tint to it (no Oompa Loompa mistakes).

And in terms of benefits, it contains omegas 3, 6, 9, and vitamins A and E. For your health! (They also make a serum specifically for the face, but it contains orange oil, which I'm allergic to, so I wasn't able to review it.)

Have I convinced you to drink your moisture? Or just, like, at least drink more water? What vitamins have you been taking lately? I have a giant pack of Viviscal that I keep forgetting to take--oops.