SCIENCE SAYS: Having Lots Of Sex Can Make You Look Years Younger

Fight wrinkles, boredom and loneliness! WIN!
Publish date:
July 22, 2013
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Are you reading this in bed? Next to a person you want to have sex with and who wants to have sex with you? Well, I give you permission to stop reading this and get it on, especially if you're worried about wrinkles.

Dr. David Weeks, a British clinical psychologist who used to be in charge of a Royal Edinburgh Hospital department that was actually called "old age psychology," has released the results of a decade-long study that says frequent sex can make you look up to seven years younger. Great news for all those 18-year-olds who want to recapture that tween glow!

OK, so the study was focused more on middle-aged folks: men and women 40 to 50 years old. After years of getting all up in people's biznatch, he discovered that the ones who could pass for at least five years younger than their actual age were having sex 50% more often than those who probably haven't gotten carded in years.

Ugh, 50% more often, you're thinking. I don't have the energy for so much boot-knocking.

Well, it turns out 50% more is the difference between twice and thrice a week. You can manage that, right? I mean, it's totally OK if you can't. Just be prepared to look wrinkly.

See, the more sex you have, the more human growth hormone is released. In turn, this improves skin elasticity, which is a key factor in wrinkle prevention.

But there's a catch. OF COURSE there's a catch.

Huffington Post dug up a quote from Dr. Weeks from 1999 in which he basically said monogamous lovemaking is where the anti-aging benefits are.

"Casual sex would bring a lot of the detrimental things to staying youthful such as anxiety and the absence of security," Dr. Weeks said. "Both those things are associated with a loss of youth."

I call shenanigans (even though I'm not sure what that phrase actually means).

See, I haven't had sex within the boundaries of a long-term relationship in many years; as much as I wouldn't mind having one go-to guy, it's all been pretty damn casual. And I definitely haven't been having it three times a week. Hell, I went through a 13-month dry spell a few years ago. That said, I am regularly mistaken for about five years younger than my actual age.

Explain THAT, Dr. Weeks! (Psh--more like Dr. WEAK, amirite?)

I may be a freakish exception, of course, so if you've been wanting more sex and fewer wrinkles, here's your science-endorsed excuse to bang more often. (Did you really need one?)