Quick Question: Do You Wear The Scented Lotion That Goes With Your Perfume?

Or do you have a closet full of half-used fragrance sets from holiday seasons past?
Publish date:
April 16, 2013
Quick Question, fragrances, perfumes, body lotions, prada

Pretty much every perfume has a matching body lotion available, but pretty much everyone I know who wears perfume doesn't wear the matching body lotion. OK, so I asked, like, three people, but those three people and I haven't invested in even our absolute favorite fragrances' matching lotions.

I'm more likely to wear an unscented lotion so as not to choke anyone who comes near me without even using my hands. If I'm feeling creative, I may even apply a completely differented-scented lotion before I put on perfume and cross my fingers that they're complementary.

Maybe I should start. This Prada Amber gift set feels way classier than your typical spray-and-lotion gift set, and this lotion in particular is nowhere near as potent as the eau de parfum, which leads me to believe it would be a long-lasting--but not acquaintance-suffocating--combination.

So, answer my Quick Question, please: Do you wear the scented lotion or cream that goes with your perfume? Why? Which? Wheeeeee!