Fight Aging And Acne With This Terrifying $30 LED Mask

Light therapy has never been so inexpensive or scary!
Publish date:
August 14, 2014
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Light can be pretty tricky when it comes to beauty. Too much of the ultraviolet kind can age your skin and even cause cancer, but the LED (light-emitting diode) variety is another story.

Over the last few decades, Beauty Science People (official term) have found that colored, UV-free light in the form of LED has numerous skin benefits, from healing acne to preventing and lessening the signs of aging.

“LEDs are significant biologically because they can modify the function of mitochondria within cells,” Dr. Murad Alam said in a 2011 American Academy of Dermatology statement. “This can have applications for dermatology, as LEDs may be able to improve wound healing by reducing inflammation, and improve sun-damaged skin by accelerating the growth of new collagen.”

The disadvantage, however, is that LED treatments in dermatologists’ offices and at-home LED tools can be really pricey. For example, the TRIA Acne Clearing Blue Light costs $245, and the NUFACE Trinity Wrinkle Reducer attachment costs $149, and that’s in addition to the device itself, which is $325.

That’s what makes IlluMask such a breakthrough: its Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask and Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask are just $30 each! That, and they’re crazy-looking masks.

OK, so they’re terrifying. Terrifyingly affordable, that is!

But seriously, when I saw myself wearing one, I had a flashback to the Quiet Riot album cover that scared the bejesus out of me when I was little.

I’m more than willing to wear one for 15 minutes a day in an effort to improve my skin, though.

Here’s how it works: You put the mask on your freshly cleaned face--it stays on thanks to arms and nose pads (like you'd have on glasses)--and press the power button on the attached remote. The mask lights up and stays on for 15 minutes (but you can turn it off yourself if you’re freaking out or something). The remote indicates how many sessions you have left--there are 30 for each mask. (For comparison, TRIA’s two-month cartridge costs $40, in addition to the $245 device.)

With the Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask, red light is used to help even skin tone and smooth out roughness. Red light is also used in the Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask because it reduces inflammation, and it’s coupled with blue light, which has been proven to kill acne bacteria.

I’m personally using the Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask because I’m at that special age where I’m concerned about both lines and zits. Thanks, thirties! While I’ve only just started wearing it, I can report that it doesn’t hurt (you feel nothing), and although your eyes do have to adjust a bit, they are not being harmed by the light.

Are you willing to scare your significant other and/or children for the sake of affordable light therapy? Have you tried any other phototherapy treatments for your skin?