The 6 Amazing Rose-Scented Products That I May Or May Not Have Tasted

Only one of them is actually edible.
Publish date:
August 1, 2013

I’m not much of a flower person. Being allergic to Everything Outside as I am, I’ve never been able to experience the intoxicating fragrance of spring without a consistent Claritin dose-up.

But, for me, there has always been one of those planty things for which the congestion is worth it: a classic rose.

Still, the blooms themselves can be a bit overpowering, so I tend to seek out my floral fix from a more subtly fragranced source. I’m a sucker for any product that evokes that gorgeous aroma.

Here are my top picks for beauty products that smell as sweet.


First up is everyone’s favorite: Smith’s Rosebud Salve. While Vaseline provides the same texture and moisture-sealing power, this stuff is a major upgrade in terms of luxurious feel.

Available in adorable tin or super-convenient tube, I have it on hand to rub into my lips and cuticles whenever, wherever. I also love putting this multitasking balm on my feet and throwing socks on top before bed. Do it. In the morning, whoever you share a bed with will be amazed that your petal soft baby feet smell like actual, literal roses.


If I really wanna spoil myself, I do this before applying the Fresh Rose Mask on my face. It gives a nice temporary boost of hydration, and feels like a super-luxurious treat. There are actual bits of rose petal in it, though I am convinced they do nothing at all except make me feel extra fancy.

It has a glorious gel texture that makes it extra-heavenly if you pop it in the fridge before applying. Bye forever, hangover puffy face! Just slather it on, lie back, and take your deep breaths in through the nose, so you can enjoy how delicious it smells.

This is probably the most authentically rose-smelling product on my list. Not too cloyingly sweet or old-lady-like here. Just the light, clean scent of fresh rose petals. Yummmm.


Another cult favorite, Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel, makes my list. The witch hazel keeps your skin clear and refreshed, while glycerin and rosewater hydrate and soften. I keep it in a spray bottle in my medicine cabinet and spritz it on before moisturizing or to refresh my makeup midday (so perfect in hot sticky weather).

One of my favorite uses for it though, is--stay with me here--deodorant.

Having long ago converted to the hippie natural deodorant club, I find this is enough to keep me fresh, while also preventing ingrowns from waxing or shaving my armpits. (Thanks witch hazel!)

If you wanna stick with your standard deo, this still makes an awesome refresher for days when you’re feeling particularly rank.


And if you’re into the whole putting flowers in your hair thing, you can get your hairs on the floral-scented bandwagon too.

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner smells so good I wanna drink it. But it is also famed for being a super-moisturizing deep conditioner. The crazy-thick formula is perfect for combing through wet hair and chilling for 30 minutes while the rosehip oil in the conditioner gives you the softest, smoothest, shampoo-commercial hair of your life.

Which is perfect, because the addictively sweet rosy smell lingers: You’ll catch a little whiff of it every time you execute a sexy hair swish, you know, as you do. Resist the temptation lick your locks.


When it comes to fragrances, I surprisingly don’t like to go quite so literal with the rose scent. Instead, I chose the Southern Peach Rose solid perfume from the Etsy shop LiveBeautifullyBody. It brings a little fresh fruitiness to your standard rose petal fragrance that is perfect in the summertime, but grounds it with some earthy, mossy notes to keep it from being too sickeningly sweet.

They also make an incredible rose vanilla lip butter, but I had to stop buying it because I actually did try to eat that stuff. Like I was thisclose to getting my own episode of My Strange Addiction. Is rose petal pica a thing?


Since I can barely restrain myself from consuming all my rose scented beauty stash, I should mention that roses don’t just smell great, they also taste freaking delicious. Trust me. I have most likely put all of the above in my mouth on purpose.

To satisfy my rose petal cravings, without, y'know, poisoning myself, I like to enjoy these products while drinking a cup rose petal tea, like Tulsi Sweet Rose tea. It has the delicate flavor of roses with an extra touch of sweetness from the tulsi leaves so that it tastes like the tears of those flying angel baby heads you see in renaissance paintings. Drink it with ALLLLL the rose petal macarons, please.

What are your favorite floral scented products? And do any of you also think roses taste as delicious as they smell? Have you ever wanted to eat a beauty product?