9 Rose-Infused Beauty Products That Make Life a Little Lovelier

Body oil, perfume, mascara, blush and more!

Words cannot even describe how much fun I had curating this collection of rose-infused goodies. I don't know why, but I have always been obsessed with the pretty plant. Maybe it's because my middle name is Rose, or maybe it's because they're just that lovely. But yeah... I'm a fan of the rose manicure, can't resist a rose-scented perfume, and often incorporate dried rose petals into my DIY beauty projects.

I've tried to include a little bit of everything in this rosy roundup, including mists, oils, beauty products, and even drinkable water (which is only kind of as weird as it sounds).

MODE Petal Blush in Retro Pop , $12

MODE Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and vegan brand that uses natural ingredients in their products. Look beyond their dedication to animal-free testing and all natural ingredients, though, and you'll find quality products.

Their creamy Petal Blush comes in four shades, including this bright pink called "Retro Pop," and, most importantly, the formulation is a real winner. Thanks to the infusion of Bulgarian rose oil, it's just creamy enough to melt into your skin, and blends out beautifully before drying to a soft and glowy finish.

Norabloom Botanicals Organic Rose Flower Water, $30

I recently discovered Norabloom Botanicals, and holy moly, am I hooked. All the products are organic and made in small batches.

This Rose Flower Water has multiple uses. As a Phoenician who battles serious summer heat, my favorite way to use it is as an aromatherapeutic, kill-the-heat face mist. You can also apply it as a (very gentle) fragrance, as a linen spray (another favorite), or even on cleansing pads to remove makeup or dirt from your face. It's mildly scented and very earthy.

Sakara Beauty Water, $24 for 4

This alkaline water by Sakara literally tastes like roses, but in a good way. That's probably because it's infused with pure rose oil, which is said to be an anti-inflammatory and metabolism booster.

I feel like the fanciest of ladies when I drink it, and it's actually pretty damn tasty. Cost wise, it comes out to about $2.70 per bottle, which is probably more than your standard bottle o' H2O. Still, it makes a nice treat every once in a while, and it's certainly better for you than soda, so there's that!

L'Occitane Roses et Reines EDT, $55

I'm a sucker for packaging, and this dreamy babe has me all heart-eyed. As we all know, though, it's what's on the inside that really counts. And oh my heavens, this perfume is the dreamiest.

I find that rose perfumes can be a little overbearing at times, perhaps even pungent. This L'Occitane version--which costs $55 for 2.5 fl. oz and expertly fuses Grasse, Bulgarian, Moroccan and Turkish roses--is the most delicate of blends. It channels that moment right before spring switches over into summer, when the gardens are peaking and the air is soft, sweet and noticeably warmer.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Damask Rose Petal Mist, $38

Another rose mist! Why not? This lovely lady is by Korean Brand Whamisa, available at GlowRecipe.com, and costs $38 for 2.7 oz. Unlike the water mist above, this one contains no water and instead uses a blend of rose, chrysanthemum extract and aloe vera extract. It also includes naturally fermented damask rose petals, which add to the package appeal. Because of its potent ingredients, this mist really excels at bringing dry, dull skin back to life. Spritz it on under or over makeup.

Geri G Plus Mascara, $18

YUP. Rose-infused mascara. And it actually smells likes roses! It's by a brand called Geri G, and I'm wearing the mascara throughout the photographs here. It dries nicely without flaking, and does a fine job volumizing and lengthening.

Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil, $26

You know, I think body oil is an underrated skincare product. It's such a necessity in my daily routine, though. I always apply it post-shower, and particularly liberally on freshly shaved legs. This Wild Rose Body Oil by Weleda costs $26 for 3.4 oz., which is a major steal. It's gently fragranced and absorbs into the skin quickly.

Side note: if you don't own body oil, do get some. I find it's way more effective than most lotions or creams. If you're worried about the mess factor, know that it's not any harder to apply than lotion. Most body oils, including this one, come with a restrictive nozzle that lets you dot the oil on carefully before massaging into your skin.

Emtage Argan Oil / Rose Hip Oil Rollerball, $14.99

Speaking of oil... I have to include this organic Argan and rose hip oil fusion by Emtage. For a more precise application, this oil blend resides in a .36 oz. rollerball container and is recommended for use around the eyes, lips and neck. It targets dry, discolored and wrinkle-prone skin. Bless rose hip oil, for real.

ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum, $40

One more Korean skincare product to add to this rose party. ISOI's Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum, $40 for 20 ml., utilizes natural minerals from Bulgarian Rose oil to brighten and even out your complexion. It reduces redness, tames existing blemishes, and keeps new blemishes from showing up at your door. Bulgarian Rose oil is some serious ish, and this product gets major love from the Korean skincare community.

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