You're Applying Eye Cream Exactly the Wrong Way

Especially if your eye cream contains hyaluronic acid.
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September 21, 2016
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Yesterday I learnt that when an ostrich runs backwards it looks like it has human legs (please YouTube it — it's wonderful) and today I learnt we've been applying eye cream all wrong. If that doesn't epitomise a diverse job spec, I quite frankly don't know what does.

Back to beauty...

Are you a smother-on-before-bed eye cream user? Rub-it-over-bags lover? Put in the fridge because you're a cooling fanatic? Hate the stuff but think you should be using it?

Whatever your relationship with eye cream we bet our patent pumps you didn't know this.

"You should never apply eye cream between your eye socket bone and lower lid" (basically the crescent below your eye where we've been taught to put it) explains Caroline Hitchcock, facialist and skincare expert. Hydrating eye creams, particularly ones that contain hylauronic acid, draw in moisture to the eye area; directly under the eye is where we collect lymphatic fluid (puffiness) you don't want to attract more water to area.

Isn’t it life changing? Other useful eye cream tips we've picked up are:

  • Apply any left over eye cream over cracked lips, as the moisturising formula works much like a balm.
  • Pat eye cream into skin in soft tapping motions (your ring finger is best as it has the lightest touch) instead of rubbing as the skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face and particularly delicate and prone to wrinkles.
  • All you need is a tiny pea-sized blob of product on each eye. More won’t make the cream more effective; it will actually creep into your eyes and cause puffiness.

Eye-opening really...

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