I'll Try Anything Once: Beauty Shooters

This 1 oz. shot promises more beautiful looking skin.
Publish date:
May 13, 2015
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"Restore & Fortify" reads every individual bottle of REPLERE's Beauty Shooters. And on the box: "Revitalizing Drink, Powerful Results. One serving a day delivers your daily dose of recommended antioxidants."


My first thought? Why not eat a couple handfuls of fruit instead? But we all know how easy it is to skip out on your daily fruit intake, and hey, I'll try anything once (well, 14 times since that's how many servings come in the box).

Some background: The shooters were developed by Dr. Debbie Palmer, a respected dermatologist who has an entire line of nature-based products rich in antioxidants. Her shooters can be used in conjunction with the rest of the line, or you can take them alone.

The goal, essentially, is to simplify your life by cramming a ton of good stuff into a single one-ounce shot. I think we're all aware of the fact that eating well and getting all the appropriate nutrients can make a big difference in not only the way you feel, but also in the way you look.

The primary active ingredients are: "Coffea arabica (coffee fruit), camu camu (a vitamin C-packed fruit), goji and açai berries, chokeberry, blueberries, pomegranate, and resveratrol." The mini antioxidant-loaded cocktail promises to deliver a burst of energy, repair from the inside out and "restore your natural antioxidant reserve."

Taste: Not bad. As you'd expect, it very much tastes like a concentrated dose of fruits and is perhaps a little tangy. It's not too sweet and not too bitter, nor is it medicinal or chalky. In the end, very easy to drink.

I like that the bottles don't have to be kept refrigerated, so you can tote them around in your bag or leave them on the counter so you're less likely to forget about them.

*gulp gulp*

If I'm being honest, I really can't tell a huge difference in the quality of my skin after taking these. However, I tend to eat well, already, and I haven't really had any major issues with my skin in recent months.

That said, I've found that the primary benefit of these shooters is a noticeable increase in energy (but not one that's overwhelming or leaves me jittery) that I get in the hours that follow consumption. That's the coffee fruit doing its work, for sure. I also appreciate the thought that went into the formulation and the convenience factor of a one-ounce wham-and-bam shot.

Finally, there's something to be said about the whole "beautifying" yourself from the inside out thing, as health really does play a role in our overall appearance. I mean, after all, a "healthy visage" is what we're striving for when we conceal under-eye circles, even out our complexion, super condition our hair and layer on toners and creams and serums.

  • What are your thoughts on "beauty shooters"?
  • Have you ever noticed an improvement in your skin based on dietary changes?
  • Do you have a suggested alternative to getting your daily dose of antioxidants?